Legion: Invaders

Nagash's inversion of Shyish's polarity was felt immediately across the Realms. The Necroquake, as the Sigmarites call it, sent a roiling wave of Death magic flowing outward from Shyish, causing untold destruction and causing magical phenomena to occur seemingly everywhere at once. At the edges of the Realm of Life, where it sits nearest to … Continue reading Legion: Invaders

Mercenaries: The Clans of Chaos (Lore)

Across the Mortal Realms Chaos has reigned dominant for an age. The reavers, barbarians, monsters and mutated hordes of Chaos have pillaged, raided and exploited the lands. In the absence of the God-King Sigmar and his mortal armies, the forces of Chaos have grown to occupy most areas of the Mortal Realms. Fell citadels infest … Continue reading Mercenaries: The Clans of Chaos (Lore)

Ordo: Banishment

SITREP: After several months of travel through the Immaterium, Dawnspear once again returns to the familiar space of Segmentum Tempestus. With the successful cleansing of the Isca subsector the crew of the Dawnspear can finally enjoy some well-earned rest. Spending several months at dry-docking at the space station Song of Veletis the Inquisitor and his … Continue reading Ordo: Banishment