Ordo: Magos IV


Inq-Ref 00000164-241/MGS4
+++What follows are an account of the engagement that occurred on Forgeworld Magos IV+++
Background: Adeptus Mechanicus forces based from the Forgeworld Magos IV discover an alien artifact dubbed ‘the Magnifax’ whilst mining under the surface of the planet. The artifact is theorized to be left from an ancient Xeno empire that once inhabited the planets crust, due to the inhospitable surface conditions. Lord Inquisitor Arkhan comes to learn of the artifact in a report from Acolyte operatives in the nearby sectors and immediately sets course to Magos IV. Dawnspear enters orbit over the planet at approximately mid-morning Terran time. Lord Arkhan accompanied by Techpriest Izmirian descend onto the planet’s surface to meet with Techpriest Corax Manus, Forge Lord of Magos IV, about requisitioning the artifact for further study. After a protracted and heated argument Techpriest Manus expels Lord Arkhan and his retinue. Back aboard Dawnspear Lord Inquisitor Arkhan determines that the best course of action would be to deploy forces to requisition the artifact by force.


Engagement: A Deathwatch Killteam is deployed to the hive city of Galyx outside of the the Primus Forge to establish a beachhead for the rest of the Inquisitorial forces to be deployed planet side. The Deathwatch team engages Sicarian Infiltrators deployed by Techpriest Manus to repel the invaders and after a short but bloody fire fight the forces of the Deathwatch prove victorious in capturing vital parts of the hive to land orbital forces.
The second engagement occurs in the early hours of the morning, Lord Arkhan’s forces consisting of the Militarum Tempestus Forces, a Vindicare assassin and the retinue of Captain Tal all lead by Techpriest Izmirian engage the local Planetary Defense Forces. After heavy losses on either side the Planetary Defence Forces are withdrawn to defend the Primus Forge. In the wake of the battle Lord Arkhan deploys Freeblade Marik Daavos to assist with engaging enemy forces on the ground. 



The third and final engagement occurs on the outskirts of Hive Galyx, Techpriest Manus emerges from his forge to assist in its defense while both Lord Arkhan and Techpriest Izmirian take the field to bring the stubborn Techpriest to heel. The Mechanicus forces under Techpriest Manus’ control are able to hold the Scions of Lord Arkhan at bay while Freeblade Daavos engages Manus’ Skitarii. As the battle reaches its zenith the Martian Freeblade known as X407 emerges from the entrance of the forge to engage the attackers. X407 and Daavos engage each other raining fire on one another until X407 sustains enough damage to be temporarily crippled. As the Knights clash with one another over head Captain Tal orders the Dawnspear to open fire from orbit targeting the forge’s defender in hopes of damaging their morale enough to dissuade them from continuing the engagement but Techpriest Manus’ forces are utterly obstinate in their resolve and continue to fight on to a man. In a final bid to end the engagement Lord Arkhan and the Militarum Tempestus Command Squad aboard the Voidstalker  push past the defenders and engage Manus and his Kataphron Breachers directly. After an exchange of fire both sides sustain wounds and Lord Arkhan decides that the conflict would only end in more unnecessary blood shed. Ultimately Lord Arkhan decides to abandon Magos IV to it’s own machinations and recalls all of his ground forces to the Dawnspear. In the aftermath of the skirmish parts of Galyx Hive lays in ruins, X407 requires immediate repairs, and Techpriest Izmirian loses 1/16th of his total holdings on the surface of Mars to Manus. Before completely leaving the system Lord Arkhan pledging to return one day while leaving behind Acolyte operatives to keep a close eye on Manus and Magos IV lest the alien artifact lead them to damnation.


+++ End Transmission+++

One thought on “Ordo: Magos IV

  1. This forgemaster approves! Maybe one day I shall challenge Izmirian in a true duel of Mechanicus might. Be glad I did not report you as a heretech to the High Lords >:P.


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