Ordo: Mynthosian Rift Campaign (Introduction)


INQ-REF 00001064-001/MYR
LOCATION: Imperial Desert World Kavir
SUBSECTOR: Sternmost System
SECTOR: Mynthosian Rift
SEGMENTUM: Tempestus
+++The following transmission is for Lord Inquisitor Arkhan’s eyes only, reader beware+++

Lord Inquisitor Arkhan,

The warpstorms that have raged about the Mynthosian Rift region have finally begun to abate, revealing a sector once lost to the Imperium of Man. By order of the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition you have been tasked to recover all possible scraps of data, ancient relics and former  imperial worlds by any means necessary. The Inquisition has requisitioned the planet Kavir in the Sternmost System as the staging point for your operations due to its proximity to the Rift, you may use the resources given as you see fit Inquisitor but know this, you’ll face many challenges in this endeavor. Seek out the daemon wherever it rears its head and destroy it completely. 


Reports are already streaming in from scouting fleets that the sector is rife with threats both from heretical renegades and xenos species. Other Imperial factions have been sighted in the region unbeknownst to the Inquisition, be weary of these rival factions as they may be intent on plundering the region for their own gain. Outlined below is a portion of data that has been compiled from Inquisitorial databanks, Mechanicus files and recent data sent from the scouting parties:

  • The Mynthosian Rift  system was once a thriving hub of Imperial trade, the system possessed several bountiful agriworlds, industrious forgeworlds, bustling hive worlds and research stations; however, roughly 7,000 Terran Standard years ago was consumed by a series of warpstorms. The cause of these warpstorms is currently unknown but has been theorized to be linked to possible Chaos or Xenos activity in the region.
  • Before the Mynthosian Rift was swallowed by warpstorms several factions of xenos were known to inhabit this area of space but were relegated to the farthest southern reaches of the system, pushed back by Imperial dominance, it is currently unknown what has come of these xenos warbands. 
  • Pict data shows that at least three worlds are under control of renegade forces. Data indicates that these factions seem to  form a triumvirate alliance but the power base and relations of these factions are as of yet unknown.
  • The system’s primary Forgeworld, Kedrov VII seems to be intact; however, any attempt at reconnaissance was terminated by the planets defense platform lasers. 
  • The remnants of Adeptus Mechanicus research stations have been discovered but seem to have formed a size able Space Hulk of unknown content.

Lord Inquisitor it is imperative that you claim this system and its secrets for the Imperium, this sector would possibly be one of the most important systems recovered by the Imperium in the last 1,000 years. It is also critical that you gather data on the inhabitants of the region. The Mynthosian Rift must be secured to form a bulwark against the threat of Chaos, you cannot fail in this respect. Good luck and may the Emperor guide you.


High Lord Inquisitor Gyrass Linvala


+++ End Transmission +++

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