Ordo: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: Defense of Kavir


INQ-REF 00001066-001/MYR

Almost as soon as Lord Arkhan’s forces began to explore the newly opened Mynthosian Rift the renegade Space Marines freed from their prison made their presence known by lashing out and raiding the nearest Imperial planet. These Space Marines it would seem were marauders looking to escape the confines of the Rift in order to attack nearby worlds in search of plunder and to sate their own twisted needs. The first target for these renegades was the Imperial-held world of Kavir, a desert planet on the edge of the Rift. With Dawnspear moored and hidden in a nearby asteroid field known as Raven’s Run, Lord Arkhan was in a perfect position to stop the incoming raid. However, rather than make the presence of his blackship known Arkhan chose instead to deploy Interrogator Azor and a small retinue of acolytes to assist the Planetary Defense Forces of Kavir. The Interrogator and his small band were deployed to the surface by means of a modified Arvus Lighter, the Mombasa, equipped for stealth and recon operations. The Arvus was able to land at a PDF Outpost under attack by the renegade Space Marines. This outpost’s primary function was to defend the critical water pipelines that supply Kavir’s urban populations, a hugely important asset on a desert planet. 


In addition to the Heretic Astartes attacking the outpost many local renegades and heretics emerged from hiding in the desert to join in the attack striking back at their Imperial oppressors. Isolated from reinforcements and only having Interrogator Azor to rely upon the Planetary Defense Forces dig in to withstand the assault. The Space Marines and renegade Kaviri struck bargains with abyssal forces to assist in their attack. Aided by newly summoned daemonic allies the attacking forces increased the intensity of their assault and the outnumbered and beleaguered defenders seemed all but defeated. After hours of intense fighting marked by defiant Imperial stands and merciless chaotic onslaughts the Planetary Defenders of Kavir emerged victorious, securing the water pipelines and sending the renegades scurrying back in to the depths of the desert. The renegade Chaos Marine ship in orbit recalls its invaders and as quickly as it appeared it disappears back into the Rift.


After intense scrubbing of intercepted communications by lexmechanics, Lord Arkhan was able to discern that the forces of the Ruinous Powers within the Rift are divided into three separate forces. The allied forces seem comprised of a chapter of renegade marines that were deposited in the sector by a warp storm within the last few hundred years who are led by some sort of daemonic entity, a faction of human renegades led by a mysterious demagogue and a separate chapter of Chaos Marines who maintain absolute silence. According to interactions between these forces it would seem that the alliance is only driven by mutual benefit and very little else. The only other scrap of data gleaned from the probing indicates that this specific faction that attacked Kavir seems to be in search of a way to ascend into daemonhood.

+++ End Transmission+++

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