Frostgrave: The Guild Charter


⊗By order of the Dwarven Freeguild Association and the Council of King Vorstansson this charter gives full legal and expeditionary rights to the newly reformed Runesmiths Guild.

The first order of business of the Runesmith’s Guild will be to establish Vorban Urgrim as the Guildmaster and designate the noble dwarven city of Highwall as the Guild’s place of residence⊗


By order of Guildmaster Urgrim, Runesmith Rilvald Grimmloksson is hereby dispatched to the ruins of the once illustrious city of Felstad. Runesmith Rilvald has been tasked with finding and recovering all remaining assets of the Runesmith’s Guild in Felstad. Assets are to include but are not limited to: Constructs, Scrolls, Books, Potions, Vials, Building Materials, Indentured Servants, Gold, Jewels, Tools, Weapons and any members of the Runesmiths Guild frozen in ice. Along with Runesmith Rilvald, Captain Krumm Tutoberg and Apprentice Nobb Gundersson will be dispatched to accommodate the esteemed Runesmith in this endeavor, all other members of the retinue shall be provided by Rilvald in accordance with Freeguild regulation. The Runesmiths Guild will not be responsible for any bodily or mental harm visited upon the members of the expedition. 



Writer’s Notes:

Although Dwarves aren’t naturally inclined to the usage of magic they have an innate disposition towards enchanting the artifacts, armor and weapons they create. While wizards, warlocks, shamans and priests may rely upon manifesting magic to accomplish their varied goals runesmiths channel magic into enchantments to fortify their ally’s weapons and armor. Some subsects of runesmiths may even create golems or constructs empowered by enchantments to crush their enemies or assist in forging and smithing.

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