Bonesplitterz: Rise of the Stormfist (Lore)

Shifting his weight on the hard stone plinth that he sat upon, Ulfrik uneasily gazed at the mountain of armour in front of him. Across from him sat the impressively clad Lord Commander of the Vanguard Rangers of Ghyran, a small group of warriors assigned by Holy Sigmar himself to keep watch over the Realmgates of Ghyran. As a Stormcast Eternal the Lord Commander had an intimidating air about him and Ulfrik could feel the tenseness and aggression that was building up under the commander’s golden skin. “Repeat your tale, with more detail this time” said the Lord Commander. Ulfrik gulped hard for he himself could narrowly believe what he’d witnessed. “Well my lord, the lads and I had been assigned to scout the lower foothills leading towards the Volkragg Peak near the Storm Vale, as we’d been instructed. As we were cresting one of the hills we heard some shouting and jeering, Wulfhart, who had been ahead of everyone, dropped to the ground and motioned for us to do the same, we crawled on our bellies up to the crest and peaked over the hill to see what the commotion was about.” Ulfrik’s eyes darted around the small dank cave that had been made into a makeshift headquarters for the Vanguard Rangers, he quickly glanced over the maps that adorned the wall and turned his attention back to the Lord Commander. “Well my lord, what I saw I can only describe as the meanest lookin’ greenskin I’ve ever seen in me life. The green beast stood atop the mountainous body of a blue-scaled drake nearly ten times his own size! All around him were other greenskins clad in hides and bones dancing and chanting “Torg!” “Torg!” “Torg!” “WAAAAGH!!”, and all o’va sudden the greenskin started goin’ berserk! It was as if he had absorbed the spirit of this creature!” The Lord Commander up to this point seemed unimpressed by the story, he had no doubt seen such spectacles before. “He danced around with lightning arcing from his fingertips and storm clouds began gathering overhead, after what seemed like a short while the greenskin’s head snapped towards our position and he lifted his finger to point straight in our direction. At first I thought ‘e had noticed us hiding on the burm but I quickly realized his intention was the Realmgate. We ran back as quickly as we could to inform you sire.” The Lord Commander sat for a moment as if to absorb the information presented to him. The Lord Commander slowly raised himself from his seat and said: “Inform the men, tonight we make battle” and strode out of the make-shift command post. 

johan-grenier-bonesplitterz-clan-08The savage green shaman known as Torg Stormfist is a denizen of the Skymountains of Ghyran. It’s from his base on Volkragg Peak that he launches raids and great hunts in pursuit of ever greater offerings to Gork and Mork. Torg’s Warband has yet to grow into a full WAAAGH! but the Stormfist’s followers are nonetheless steadily growing in number and their connection to the savage power of Gorkamorka gets stronger with every passing year. His close proximity to a Realmgate in Ghyran often brings him into conflict with parties attempting to access the portal. Its from this Realmgate that Torg can wage war all across the Eight Realms.

Ghyran Volkragg Peak Map

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