Ordo Xenos: Retrieval


INQ-REF 00000164-242/MGS4

After several weeks docked at the Space Fortress Song of Veletis Lord Arkhan learns of the increasingly dire situation that has befallen the Imperium of Man. Half of the Imperium lays trapped across the Cicatrix Maledictum unreachable by standard communication methods. Segmentum Tempestus and Pacificus, although still in communication with Holy Terra, are beset on all sides by Xenos threats and newly formed Warp Rifts. Lord Arkhan seeks council with High Lord Gyrass Linvala, the supreme inquisitional representative of this sector of Imperial space. Arkhan relays the story of his previous engagement on Magos IV with the Tech Priest Corax Manus and the artifact known as ‘Magnifex’. Linvala deploys Arkhan to engage with Corax Manus and force the errant Tech Priest to hand the artifact over to the Inquisition hoping that its secrets may provide the Imperium a glimmer of hope in an increasingly dark galaxy. Dawnhammer leaves Song of Veletis in haste with the Forgeworld Magos IV as its destination.


Upon arrival in orbit Lord Arkhan, accompanied by his Scions, descends to the surface of Magos IV to engage in talks with Tech Priest Corax Manus. Tech Priest Izmirian remains aboard Dawnhammer due to the animosity between the Tech Priests caused by the previous conflict. Negotiations are stiff to begin with but Tech Priest Manus, sympathetic to the plight of the Imperium, agrees to hand over the Magnifex on one condition. To retrieve the Magnifex and to settle the animosity, Tech Priest Manus challenges Arkhan to a battle, winner take all. 


Lord Arkhan’s Scions engage Tech Priest Manus’s defense forces. Both sides fight valiantly with sim-rounds and stun lasers so as not to permanently harm one another. Lord Arkhan’s troops flank from the side to execute a decimating alpha-strike against Tech Priest Manus’s Skitarii Vanguard and Kastelan Robot Maniples, a strike which Manus is incapable of recovering from. Eventually Tech Priest Manus forfeits the battle as well as the Magnifex, but in doing so repairs the broken relationship between the rivals. This time around Lord Arkhan returns to orbit on all together better terms than the first time. Tech Priest Manus is left to support the thinly spread Imperial forces while Arkhan sets course for Song of Veletis, Magnifex in hand.



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