Kharadron Overlords: Expeditionary Forces Charter (Lore)

⊕This charter, in accordance with artycle 14  paragraph 10 subsection 3 of the Kharadron Code, grants Admiral Thorvald Grimloksson rights to 2 (two) Kromgild-class Frigates*, 2 (two) full arkanaut companies as crew and a full complement of science officers to include representatives from the Navigational, Endrineering and Khemistry Guilds. Admiral Grimloksson’s primary directive is generation of suitable profit for Barak-Zilfin, drek-urb** and entrepreneurial new sources of profit. Admiral Grimloksson is entitled, by Code regulation, to a full one-half of the profit generated; however, this profit will be forfeit in the following cases***:

– Destruction of ship and/or crew complement

– Failure to generate or acquire suitable profit as defined by this office

– Death

Signed and stamped,

Golgi Icebreath

Vice Admiral of Acquisitions, Barak-Zilfin

*Designated: Yormnir and Zelforn

**New Trading Partners

***Including but not limited to the options above ⊕

Admiral Grimloksson of Barak-Zilfin hails from a long dynasty of distinguished officers that has, due to several generations of misguided investment, fallen on its luck. This last ditch expedition, approved only by the weight of the Grimloksson family name, is his last chance at reversing his luck. Ever ones to avoid risky investments the ruling body of Barak-Zilfin has granted the Admiral bare-bones crew complement; however, due to his relatively well-standing with the Endrineers Guild he has access to the Frigates: Yormnir “Breath of Frost” and Zelforn “Zephyrblade”, two veteran Frigates with many years of experience plying the aetherveins of the Mortal Realms. Along with Thorvald’s crew are:

– Chief Navigator Floki Lobjorn, an experienced salt-of-the-earth Navigator hailing from a lesser-known family. Floki’s family originally descends from Barak-Thryng but due to a grudge-incident involving navigational experience his great-great-great grandfather relocated to Barak-Zilfin. Some whisper that Floki’s advanced age has softened his edge, but those close to him know that even in his old age Floki still has many tricks up his wizened sleeves.

– Endrinmaster Krom Shortbeard, a raucous and up-start young Endrinmaster Krom is as quick to anger as he is to drink. Although known for his loose-cannon behavior Krom is a loyal friend and a staunch ally once, that is, getting past his rough exterior.

– Aether Khemist Hrold the Errant, Hrold is a travelling Aether Khemist dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the aether and the naturally occurring phenomena of the Mortal Realms. Hrold’s wayward nature has earned him the title Errant and he is always in pursuit of the next expedition or adventure to sate his immense wanderlust.  

Equipped with wits and several months worth of supplies the expedition departs the skyports of Barak-Zilfin headed towards an uncertain future brimming with hope and overburdened by profit. Having heard rumors of the fabulous riches and natural wealth of the teaming seas and ruin-littered skies of the Nomad’s Folly region of the Realm of Life, Admiral Grimloksson sets his eyes on Ghyran for aethergold and plunder…

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