Bonesplitterz: Border Skirmish

Drawn by the emanating power from the once inactive realmgate at the windswept ruins located in the southwestern portion of the Skymountains, Torg Stormfist leads his tribe to new territory. The dilapidated fortress and tower now known to locals as the windswept ruins is theorized to have been a center for mages and wizards during the age of myth, destroyed by a magic overload caused by the realmgate. 

Ghyran Map Windswept Ruins

The Stormfist clan isn’t the only group drawn to the power however, a small alfrostun of Ogor Beastclaw Raiders also find the promise of the ruins irresistible… not to mention the banquet that would be had afterward. Riding astride stonehorns, mournclaws and thundertusks the raiders emerge from the snow-covered fir forest and assault the ruins teeming with orruks. 


Riding directly for the heart of the tribe the Frostlord a top his Stonehorn breaks through the front gates of the ruin and directly into the raging Bonesplitterz. Smashing aside resistance and trampling orruks under hoof the Stonehorn collides with the assembled tribe…only to be met by the frenzied stabbing Gork Teef. Faced by the formidable Frostlord, Chieftain Urgor the Smasha’ did the only thing that seemed logical in his frenzied state. Leaping off the Stonehorn’s torn corpse Urgor buries his massive stone cleaver in the ogor lord’s frost-wreathed head.

The great bonfires of the tribe light up the night while the sweet smell of roasting thundertusk wafts into the skies…

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