Ordo: The Huntress


INQ-REF 00000164-00273/XXXX





Upon returning the Magnifex to the Song of Veletis Lord Arkhan is approached by a long time colleague and close friend, Inquisitor Artim an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor assigned to Segmentum Tempestus. Calling in a favor long overdue she beseeches Arkhan to join her in a mission to destroy a rogue chaos sorcerer she had been tracking for nearly a year. Bound by honor Arkhan agrees to accompany her to an unnamed warzone in Segmentum Tempestus.


Deploying to the sludge-pocked and war torn surface of the planet Artim is accompanied by her retinue of maiden guard and a priest from the Adeptus Ministorum. Arkhan’s ground based Scions are deployed to protect the inquisitrix at all costs while Arkhan himself along with a retinue of acolytes strike at the arrayed forces of a Chaos Lord. Arkhan recognizes the leader of the enemy war band as Kraz’Natch, a chaos warlord encountered during the campaign into the Mynthosian Rift. Seizing his opportunity to slay the beast before he can cause any real harm Arkhan decides to barrel headlong into the enemy forces in a devastating alpha strike. Meanwhile Artim’s quarry enters the battle accompanied by an honor guard of heavily armoured Chaos Terminators. Artim engages the fell sorcerer and with the help of  the Scions and a Vindicare is able to end the warp-fiend’s reign of terror.


Elsewhere on the battlefield Arkhan’s retinue sustains devastating losses, losing Kill Team Ozan and nearly all members of Interrogator Azor’s retinue. Arkhan is cornered by the Chaos Lord and bested in single combat, just before the death stroke Interrogator Azor intervenes and Arkhan’s beaten body is dragged away from the battle by Captain Tal, Astropath Krios and Psyker Roland, the last surviving members of Arkhan’s personal body guard and retinue. Azor’s sacrifice is enough to save Lord Arkhan’s life but his death is the final catalyst to Kraz’Natch’s ascension to daemonhood. With Arkhan in Dawnspear’s medical bay and Artim’s quarry dead the Inquisitorial forces withdraw from the battlefield clutching a pyrrhic victory.


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