Ordo Xenos: Status of Arms (Lore) (Updated)

Inquisition: Lord Inquisitor Arkhan of the Ordo Xenos is a borderline radical Inquisitor assigned to explore and patrol the southern reaches of Imperial space in order to assess the Xenos threat. Additionally, he searches for the arcane technologies left behind during the Dark Age of Technology by ancient humans and those created by the myriad xenos species that inhabit the Segmentum Tempestus. Lord Arkhan is accompanied into battle by his personal bodyguard of specially trained Acolytes aboard his Valkyrie Voidstalker as well as the various forces under his command. Having a handful of hidden operatives in nearly every major star system of the Segmentum Tempestus, Arkhan maintains a sizable intelligence web to predict his enemies actions and counter xenos incursions where possible. Although his main area of focus is xenos-related, he has been known to assist the Ordos Hereticus and Malleus in furthering their aims using his esoteric knowledge of xenos lore and technology. 

Inquisitional Acolytes: Although Lord Arkhan maintains a number of information gathering cells through out Segmentum Tempestus his personal retinue of Acolytes currently features:

  • Primaris Psyker Roland de Mille –  a master of warp-based pyromancy, Roland is a hold out from Interrogator Azor’s original team. Having experienced the full horrors of what warp spawn are capable of Roland harbors a fear of Chaos that follows him every moment of every day.
  • Talia Uthoran – a Cambrian Valkyrie, Talia serves as the Lord Inquisitor’s personal bodyguard. After a life spent in sim and real combat she has become a master of ranged and melee combat, favoring her downsized bolter and a relic Zweihander traditional to the warrior women of Cambria Primus.
  • Luther “Tunnel Rat” Swain – Hailing from the hive world of Psijia Luther Swain, known as the “Tunnel Rat”, is well versed in the arts of combat in cramped quarters. Once a free lance mercenary working for which ever gangs offered the most pay out, Luther came to work for the Ordo Xenos after proving his worth in helping sniff out and eliminate a Genestealer infestation in its infancy. 
  • Vigilus Omnicious – A machine-touched individual with incredible optics, Vigilus  prefers the use of two pistols to deliver the message of the Emperor to his enemies. Although his body is heavily enhanced by cybernetics, he is not member of the Cult Mechanicus, a fact which has earned him ire from the Tech Adepts aboard Dawnhammer.

Following the death of Interrogator Azor and most of his retinue at the hands of the Ruinous Powers, Arkhan is in the process of forming more robust acolyte cells to operate in his stead across a thousand systems, not just in Segmentum Tempestus but the neighboring Segmenti as well.

Ship and Crew: Lord Arkhan’s ship Dawnhammer is a specially equipped Inquisitorial black ship built for stealth and long range missions. Although the design of Dawnhammer is based on the Lunar-class cruiser, it is equipped with modified mass drivers and missile batteries as well as drop pod docks and launch bays to deploy the various forces stationed aboard. Dawnhammer’s Captain is Gregory of the honorable house Ven Gethrik, he is responsible for ship-board affairs along with his bridge crew consisting of Astropath Feldarr, the ship’s navigator, Tech Priest Enginseer Gryx-0 master of ordinance and engineering; and Ship Defense Force Commander Garith Rynn. Captain Gethrik’s retinue can call upon forces in orbit to strike enemy targets as well as coordinating reinforcements planetside. Dawnhammer’s crew numbers several thousand individuals gathered from all parts of the Imperium whether through bonds of service or as part of deals made with local forces. All members of the crew are sworn to secrecy and are dedicated to their master’s every command.

Militarum Tempestus Ship Defense Forces: Scions that have been requisitioned by the Lord Inquisitor to serve both as an elite shipboard defense force and as a ground presence during planetary offensives as well as forming the largest military asset under Lord Arkhan’s command. The Scions are led by Tempestor Prime Garith Rynn whose responsibilities include training new recruits, defending the ship and executing ground operations. The Scion platoon is further divided into three fire teams designated Fire Team Kraken, Fire Team Triton and Fire Team Hydra. Each squad of Scions has been assigned Taurox Primes which are deployed from orbit by means of Valkyrie Sky Talons. The grav clamps found on the underside of the Tauroxes also enables them to execute boarding maneuvers and gives the Scions flexibility in how they’re deployed.

Adeptus Mechanicus: The Mechanicus presence aboard Dawnhammer are led by Magos Biologis Tech Priest Izmirian Vel, a Magos Biologis hailing from the Forgeworld of Myrmidia XIII, a subsidiary vassal-forge of Ryza. Izmirian has been brought aboard to study alien physiology and technology. Izmirian has been known for his extreme curiosity and near-Xenarite interest in xenos technology and anatomy. His personally modified Kataphron Servitors have also been brought aboard to be used for boarding actions, shipboard defence, planetfall and cargo-lifting. In addition to military forces, Izmirian controls hosts of Transmechanics, Enginseers, Leximancers, and servitors who tend to the needs of the Inquisitor and the ship. Forces from a small clade of Skitarii can also be found on board with their primary roles being reconnaissance, data-harvesting and Imperial Knight support. They are currently led by Skitarii Alpha Telerik-6-4.  

Deathwatch: Kill Team Arithael is led by the Deathwatch Codicier Arithael. The Kill Team consists of close combat and shipboard warfare specialists with a particular focus in the breaching and exploration of Space Hulks; however, the Kill Team is sometimes deployed planetside for strikes of strategic importance. All members of Kill Team Arithael are specially selected from among the Primaris Space Marines for their large size and tactical acumen.  The members of Kill Team Arithael are:

  • Codicier Arithael of the Raven Guard
  • Veteran Sergeant Tankred of the Crimson Skulls Chapter
  • Brother Ozan of the Sky Wolves Chapter
  • Brother Valoris of the Sanguine Praetors Chapter
  • Brother Darragh of the Wardens of the Oak Chapter
  • Brother Kolrak of the Iron Hands
  • Reiver Deimos of the Minotaurs
  • Aggressor Gharn of the Star Krakens Chapter
  • Apothecary Jun of the Redeemers Chapter
  • Honored Ancient Krastus of the Siren’s Storm Watch Fortress

Assassins: Although most of the crew aboard the Dawnhammer are unaware of it, two members of the Officio Assassinorum are in cryo-pods aboard the ship. A Vindicare and Callidus requisitioned from the Officio Assassinorum provide the Lord inquisitor an unparalleled tool to deal with heretical planetary governors or ardent xeno warlords.

Imperial Knight: Freeblade Marik Daavos is honor-bound to the Lord Inquisitor for saving his life moments before his Knight Crusader was torn apart by a Tyranid bio-monstrosity. Although no-longer bound by his Knightly House, Daavos considers himself a gentleman and adventurer without peer and takes his personal honor very seriously. Being bound to a Lord Inquisitor isn’t without its perks, Daavos is able to explore and see the Galaxy while fighting his hated enemy, the Necrons. Although Daavos maintains a small garrison of sacristans much of the Knight Titan’s needs are tended to by Tech Priest Izmirian and his retinue.

The Dawnhammer is currently located in the Segmentum Tempestus tasked with assisting in the myriad battlefields created by the emergence of the Cicatrix Maledictum as well as continuing its primary objective of exploration. Lord Arkhan’s inquitorial superior in Segmentum Tempestus is High Lord Gyrass Linvala, High Lord Linvala and inquisitional sector command are headquartered at the space fortress Song of Veletis. 


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