PDF/Genecult/Traitor Guard: Insurrection (Lore)



+++Accessing Database…+++

+++The following data file contains reports compiled by Inquisitional Command Song of Veletis, VIEWING OF THESE FILES IS STRICTLY RESTRICTED, VIOLATIONS WILL BE DEALT WITH SWIFTLY+++

+The information contained in this report was compiled by Inquisition agents in the Arvald Sector+


Benedicto Deus Imperator.

The Arvald Sector at the edge of Imperial space has long been a hub of scum and villiany. Rogue Traders frequent the space stations of the star system, bringing with them all manner of xenos creatures and forbidden merchandise. Planetary governments maintain a lax hold on the citizenry, more intent on petty political squabbling and their own self interest. Its in these conditions that several cults have gained a sizable foothold.

In addition to the weak Imperial hold over the sector, many of the surrounding sectors have experienced Tyranid incursions in the last several decades, this increase in xenos activity may account for the uptick in cultist activity in the region but information is sparse. Although we’ve had confirmed cultist activity in the nearly one third of the major systems of the Arvald Sector, lack of reports from rim-worlds and disappearances of acolyte cells are much more worrying. 

Acolyte Cell Samarra has not responded to hails on the encrypted channels. We worry the worst. Emperor protect us. 

– Acolytes Jamion Thrull and Fyodar Kulb


Last night a frantic distress signal came from the headquarters of Acolyte Cell Samarra. Pict recorder data collected by the local Arbites forces show a large group of armed and cloaked individuals entering the requisitioned warehouse which the cell used as a base of operations. After what appears to be a short firefight the individuals exit  the vicinity in what appears to be stolen civilian transportation craft. The message seems to have been sent by one of the last living members of the cell, it read:


We are gathering information and awaiting orders, Lord Linvala. Emperor walk with you.

– Acolyte Thrull


Warzone Samarra Dramatis Factio:

Iron Claw Miners Guild: Deep below the crust of Samarra, in the depths of the many mine complexes, the cultists of the Iron Claw Miners Guild plot to overthrow their Imperial masters. The leaders of the Guild seek to cast aside the yolk of their enslavement and to ascend to godhood among the stars. For years the genestealer cult has acted in secret, slowly building up their forces and infiltrating the local government and planetary defense forces. Mining the bounteous natural resources of the planet’s crust the brood has built wealth and an arsenal of mining equipment with which to break their chains and slay their unworthy overlords. Hiding in the mountain mines of the Rakkam desert region the cult has waited patiently. But the time for waiting has ended. The time for their ascension has come.

Samarra Planetary Defense Force: Loyal sons and daughters of the Imperium. The Samarra PDF may not be the cream of the crop, nor the most well armed imperial troopers but what they lack in training and equipment they make up for as inhabitants of a hostile desert planet. Years spent toiling under the hot sun, in parched conditions has hardened the people of the Rakkam Desert, turning them into hardy survivalists. Paradoxically, Samarra’s distance from other Imperial warzones and conflicts means that it has access to a larger number of older Imperial technology lost elsewhere in the galaxy. Chief among these are the prized Manticore Missile Launchers, where for some guard units a single Manticore is a prized possession beyond value, the PDF troopers and rare guard regiments of Samarra are well trained missileers. In addition to Surface-to-Surface Stormeagle missiles, the forges of Samarra also produce Surface-to-Air missiles as well, making the planet a vital producer of air defense equipment for the Segmentum as a whole.

Rakkam Desert Region

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