Genecult: Opening Offensive

The Patriarch has received a call from beyond the stars. The time has finally come for the Iron Claw Miners Guild to show its true face to the Imperium. Emerging from their mines and secret bases in the darkness of night, the Genestealer Cult forces of Samarra have begun their insurrection. Striking silently at Subhive Rakkam from the deserts to the north-northwest of the hive city the broodkin hope to catch their enemies while they sleep. With help in the form of corrupted planetary defense forces the cultists are able to enter the city with doors wide open. With next to no resistance the cult is able to seize the majority of the manufactorum district and the northern hive defense node. The whole sale slaughter of innocent Imperial citizens ensues but once the cultists turn their eyes to the rest of the city they are met with heavier resistance. Looking to solidify their foothold the Guilders deploy their stolen tanks to the front lines.

Samarra OO2

By dawn the northwestern portion of the city has been made into a hellish carnal nightmare, Imperial citizens are beheaded in the streets and places of worship are desecrated with profane symbols. However, the coming of the dawn has also signaled the emergence of a new foe to be faced. Primaris Space Marines of the Angels of Retribution chapter deploy from orbit to reverse the onslaught of cultists. Engaging the Guilders and their planetary defense force allies in their defensive redoubt the Primaris begin to approach the enemy lines taking heavy fire from converging cultist squads. A Guilder patrol in a Goliath mining truck is diverted from its patrol to engage with the newly emergent enemy. The Space Marines’ implacable march towards their enemy continues and many cultists are thrown in their path to stop the advance. 

Samarra OO3

Through sheer concentrated firepower and many cult-brothers sacrificing their lives to the cause, the Primaris routed. The remaining Primaris forces retreat to orbit to lick their wounds and reorganize themselves while the cultists on the planets surface below continue to butcher the populace.

The brood has won a great victory on the leading edge of its offensive. Reinforcing their embattled guildmates more cult forces pour from the mine complexes in the surrounding mountains and desert. The Guild looks to wrap its coils around the Imperial forces and choke out all resistance but the first battle has only just ended and the uprising continues…

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