Seer Council of Eos: The Scholar’s Path (Lore)

Before embarking on his path as a Seer, Farseer Eoghan of Ulthwe spent many long years on the Path of the Scholar. Developing an interest, bordering on obsession, in the lost realms of the Aeldari race Eoghan nearly became lost on his path. Seeing the potential dangers of such fixation, Eoghan decided to temporarily forgo the Path of the Scholar to pursue the discipline of the Warrior’s Path. Choosing to join the small Dire Avenger shrine of his craftworld Eoghan honed his talents with shuriken and blade. Finding his appetite for bloodshed and discipline sated Eoghan returned to his work as a scholar. However, once he returned to his life’s work he became plagued by visions of events of the distant past and near future. Unable to find solace in his daily life, Eoghan embarked of the path of the Seer, seeking any respite from the visions. Spending some time as a Warlock, Eoghan learned to control and channel his natural foresight and suppress the visions he had become increasingly burdened with. On the eve of his ascension to Farseer, Eoghan was struck by visions the likes of which he had never had. The visions told Eoghan of an impending disaster and an urgency for one to rise up and lead the Aeldari race into a new future. Unable to control them or make them end Eoghan had naught but one choice. Follow them.

Eoghan of Ulthwe is reported to have slipped into one of the webway portals found on his craftworld and disappeared for nearly 20 years. Eoghan spent the majority of that time wandering the tunnels of the webway in search of something he did not fully comprehend. During his quest Eoghan is said to have met with a Shadowseer of Cegorach and his travelling troupe of Harlequins. The Shadowseer felt pity for Eoghan, who had lost the ability see completely due to the visions, and brought him into the mythic Black Library. Although the time he spent there was short it is reported by the Harlequins that Eoghan had a previously unknown portion of the webway revealed to him by a servant of Cegorach. Guided by the Shadowseer and his troupe, Eoghan made his way to the hidden pocket of the webway. Upon finding their destination Eoghan is said to have had all of his visions cease and his vision return to him. Eoghan, the Shadowseer and the troupe had stumbled upon the abandoned craftworld of Eos.


According to the histories Eoghan had studied as a scholar, the craftworld world of Eos was said to have been splintered in an engagement with the daemonic followers of She Who Thirsts in the days following the Fall. Having no other option, each part of the craftworld separated and went in different directions. The songs of the Asuryani lament that all the divided parts of Eos were defeated one after another. Legend told that only the heart of the craftworld had survived the ordeal, but only by leaving realspave all together. Having been lost to the ages Aeldari scholars had given up searching for the fabled heart of the craftworld and assumed it lost. Aboard the lost craftworld Eoghan found that the inhabitants had abandoned the core of the ship hoping to use it as a last ditch diversion so that the other parts of the craftworld would have a chance at escaping. Exploring the long dust covered corridors of the ship, Eoghan found the lost Helm of Aileach, a legendary ghosthelm said to slow the crystallization process that all Eldar farseers must one day face, among a myriad of other ancient artifacts. Returning to Ulthwe Eoghan convinced some of his fellow Asuryani to return with him to the craftworld to return it to it’s former glory. Even with the help of nearly 300 Asuryani settlers and the Harlequins, the recovery of Eos took many decades. The rebirth of Eos was finally deemed complete when the Infinity Circuit of the wayward craftworld was at last reignited. In this resurrection Eoghan saw the hope of resurrection for the entire Aeldari race. Invigorated by the return of the relic craftworld, Eoghan decreed that all Aeldari are welcome to come to Eos, as long as they did so in peace. As a world-rune for the new craftworld, Eoghan chooses a stylized eye, similar to the one used by his home Ulthwe, but rather than than representing the Tears of Isha, the new symbol, the Eye of Morai, represents the third eye of the all-seeing and all-knowing Crone who led Eoghan to the ship.

For the last 250 years Craftworld Eos has grown in size and influence within it’s hidden corner of the webway. It is said that the only way to reach the craftworld is to have visions of where to find it or to be guided there by one of it’s denizens. Reflecting his love of scholarship High Farseer Eoghan has opened many a university in hopes of kindling a renaissance of Aeldari study in history and ancient artifacts. The craftworld has also become home to the Shadowseer, Tybrael and his troupe, without whom the craftworld would never have been found. The webway portals of Eos are said to stretch all over the known galaxy and war parties of Aeldari bedecked in deep purple armor have been seen retaking ancient Aeldari archaeological sites and clearing chaos taint from soiled maiden worlds. The Seer Council of Eos is unlike the Seer Councils of all other craftworlds in that it includes a Shadowseer of the Harlequins, a Spiritseer, several warlocks and allegedly even a Corsair Voidseer. During the recent events with the coming of Yvraine and the Reborn, Craftworld Eos has offered the followers of the fledgling god succor aboard the craftworld. Ynnari from all different craftworlds can know be found in the halls of study on Eos, searching for ways to repel the insidious forces of Chaos. 

The coming birth of Ynnead and the opening of the Eye of Morai has signaled a new hope for the ancient race, but only time will tell if Eoghan’s hopes will come to fruition. For the time being the resurgent Craftworld of Eos fights to save what once was and what shall be once again.



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