Warband: Battle at the Mire

The Bloodbraided are called to battle at the command of Ul’Karash when rival daemons attempt to gain entry to the Huntmaster’s domain through the Desolate Mire. Ul’Karash’s seat of power at the Kathos Citadel sits within sight of the festering Garden of Nurgle, an area with frequent incursions with rival daemons.  Rallying his finest slayers Ul’Karash calls a hunt to repulse the invaders. 

Ul'Karash Map1

Accompanying the filthy tallyband of Nurgle stride rival Bloodletters looking to claim skulls for the Skull Throne and a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, eager to carve out a realm of sin to claim dominion over. Engaging their assorted daemonic rivals, the Bloodbraided throw themselves into the fray hoping to win the favor of their Bloodthirster and of Khorne. The Flesh Hounds of the Huntmaster fall upon their putrid quarry and rend foetid skin from bone while the Bloodletters of the Ul’Karash engage in brutal close quarters fighting with the rival Bloodletters. The brief skirmish ends with the head of the Slaaneshi Daemon Prince being removed by the gore soaked blades of the Huntmaster’s Bloodcrushers. 


The Bloodbraided’s victory brings glory to Khorne and the rival daemons are removed from the hunting grounds of Ul’Karash. The head of the Slaaneshi Daemon Prince adorns the walls of Kathos and the servants of the Blood God resume fighting one another.

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