Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Hab Block Beta

Vogen City Map

The Bloodbraided are called to battle at behest of the cultists of Hive City Vogen. Pulled from their citadel in the warp, the warband of the Ul’Karash spills out into realspace, hungry for the souls of mortals. Summoned in the shadowed halls of Hab Block Alpha, the forces of the Blood God spill into adjoining Hab Beta looking for fresh skulls to reap. The daemons of Khorne fall upon the innocent denizens of the Hab Block, but before they can begin their bloody work the Bloodbraided are confronted by the Emperor’s Daemonhunters in Silver, the Grey Knights. Led by a Grand Master and Brother-Captain Stern, the Grey Knights have come to the aid of the Imperial defenders and to ensure that the influence of warp spawn does not spread any further.


The Bloodbraided spill out across the blasted Hab Block and swarm over blood-soaked Imperial iconography. The blare of war horns announces the beginning of Ul’Karash’s Blood Hunt and the Huntmaster lets slip his prized Hound, Dreadmaw, into the fray in search of cowardly psykers. Legions of Bloodletters accompanied by their Herald lieutenant, spread out across the city searching for heads to claim. The forces of the Grey Knights form a wall of blessed silver, a Dreadknight and Land Raider Redeemer forming the backbone of the Daemonhunters’ line. 


The clanging sounds of Hellblade meeting Nemesis Force Sword rings out across the Hab. Bloodletters crowd around Paladins while the thrice-blessed and thrice-cursed Daemon Prince, accompanied by his Bloodspawn, stride out to meet the Grand Master’s retinue in battle. Laying his eyes upon the titanic metallic body of the Dreadknight, Ul’Karash chooses his quarry and bellows his challenge. 


The Huntmaster barrels into the towering form of the Dreadknight intent on claiming the occupants head for the Skull Throne. Seven times the Bloodthirster launches an attack and seven times does the Knight repel his onslaught. Each lash of the whip and each thrust of the sword is countered by the foe, both titans locked in single combat storm around the devastated Hab. Only in the eighth and final attack is the Huntmaster, blessed by Khorne himself, able to claim the skull of the Grey Knight. Using all of his unholy strength to swing his massive axe, Ul’Karash carves the Knight pilot from the cockpit of his Dreadknight and casts him to the ground. As he tries to crawl away, Ul’Karash plants his brass hoof squarely on the back of the fallen champion and removes his head, helmet and all. The bloodcurdling howl of the Huntmaster signals the victory of Khorne over the holy warriors of the Grey Knight brotherhood. Claiming what remaining wounded they have the Grey Knights retreat back into Imperial territory, bloody and beaten but unbowed. The Bloodbraided turn their attention to harvesting the heads of the residents of Hab Beta for the Blood God, their battle rage reaching new heights with every kill.


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