Warband: Vogen City Campaign (Introduction)

The Vogen City Campaign will be taking place over the next couple weeks at my local Games Workshop store, so I decided to do a quick little lore introduction and post the map for everyone to see. Enjoy!


Map Key:

Chaos Forces are pinned in yellow

Imperial Forces are pinned in white

The various Xenos Forces are pinned in green

Hive City Vogen is beset on all sides by the depredations of vile Chaos cultists and marauding Xenos. Each faction is determined on claiming the Enigma Gate, an artifact of unknown origin, recently uncovered under the Palace of Peace. Thought to be a stargate used by the Old Ones to teleport to any point in the known galaxy, the true power of the Enigma Gate is a mystery. Fighting for the city is fierce as all sides vie for control over the city’s vital resources and position. From their headquarters at 122nd Cadian Command the myriad forces of the Imperium of Man seek to repel the invaders from the city. Leading an uprising from their base at the Cartel Dwellings, the cultists of chaos summon their daemonic allies for support, all the while forces of Heretic Astartes arrive from orbit to join in on the slaughter. Gaining a foothold at the East Gate and at the Space Port, various species of Xenos, either bent on acquiring loot or looking to further their own mysterious aims, launch raids on the interior of the hive. The race is on to see who will claim the Palace of Peace and with it, the mysterious Enigma Gate.

One thought on “Warband: Vogen City Campaign (Introduction)

  1. The Enigma Gate? Fool, you know not of what powers you deal with. This clearly is a form of Necrontyr working, similar to the Eternity Gate. These are dangerous things to fool with, as they can open a portal to a world where legions of the restless dead may reside.


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