Seer Council of Eos: Ancient Enemies

Millennia before its hives were reduced to rubble, millennia before the sleeping cybernetic monstrosities emerged from their tombs and millennia before human feet touched its soil, the Imperial garden world known as Falkrin Quintus was once called Morgon by the elder races. The planet was, many eons ago, the site of a horrific battle between the Aeldari and the Necrontyr, so great was the death toll of the battles that raged across the surface and crust of the planet that the Aeldari began referring to the planet as Morgon, The Graveyard of Heroes. Eventually, the Necrons retreated into their tombs to rest and outlast the other races of the galaxy. Morgon was one such tomb world.


The intervening millennia saw the planet subject to natural disasters, the passing of WAAAGH! Facekicka’ and the eventual colonization and rechristening of the planet by mankind in M34. To any mere mortal, time on such a scale would be nearly incomprehensible but to the Farseers of the Aeldari, the viewing of such events requires only a dive into the skeins of fate. It was High Farseer Eoghan of the Seer Council of Eos that first viewed the rumblings within Morgon. Eoghan divined the course of the reawakening of the Necrons, the valiant defense of the planet by the brash Imperium of Man and the eventual victory of the biometal abominations. Deeper in the skein, Eoghan and his fellow seers saw that if action was not taken to curb the expansion of the Necrons, they would, in several hundred years, go on to invade a fledgling colony of Asuryani sired by Craftworld Eos itself. Gathering the Eosi warhost about himself Eoghan waited until the perfect time to strike at the Necron tomb world. 


Using intelligence shared from the Craftworld Alaitoc and deploying by means of webway portal, the Asuryani warhost falls upon the Necron decurion in the wake of the Necrons final battle against the forces of the Astra Militarum. Fresh Imperial dead litter the battlefield surrounding the Imperial sanctum as the Aeldari emerge from their portals to assail the unwitting Necrons. Rather than meeting the Necron forces of Morgon, the Eosi warhost finds itself face to face with the Klaxon dynasty, an off-shoot of the Mephrit dynasty. Led by their Overlord Zaryx, the Klaxon dynasty lends aid to their beleaguered allies on Morgon.


The swift warriors of the Dire Avengers aspect shrine weave through the Imperial ruins engaging the implacable Necron warrior phalanxes as the the Tesla Destructor of the Annihilation Barge tears into the assembled Aeldari battleline. Mounted aboard a Wave Serpent, Farseer Eoghan and Spiritseer Irileth await in the webway for the perfect time to strike at the Necrons. Overlord Zaryx, using his Veil of Darkness, transports himself and an honor guard of warriors into the flank of the Aeldari forces. Seizing this exact moment to descend upon the now unprotected left flank of the Necrons, Eoghan and his Wave Serpent emerge from the webway. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Zaryx and his warriors, now accompanied by a cadre of Deathmarks freshly emerged from hyperspace, maul a unit of Guardian Defenders. In a bid to defend the living Aeldari, the towering Wraithlord charges into the Overlord and his retinue. Warscythe clashes against wraithbone Ghostglaive. Encircling one another, the two duelists size up their foe. On one side, a towering construct animated by a soulstone moving with a gracefulness that defies its size and on the other a timeless warlord of living metal and unfiltered malice. Even as these two heroes battle one another, Farseer Eoghan and his accompanying Wraithblades encircle the Necron decurion. Placing themselves between the Necron warriors and the entrance to their tomb, the Aeldari soldier-scholars begin efficiently cutting down unit after unit of Necron warriors. Realizing that his forces are slowly being cut off from reinforcement, Zaryx disengages from his duel with the Wraithlord vowing to meet the spirit-warrior in single combat again. As Zaryx uses with Veil of Darkness to return to the entrance of the tomb, he abandons his warriors to the shuriken and laser fire of the Aeldari, giving himself enough time to assemble his next line of defense. Having wiped out the last of the cybernetic warriors, Eoghan and his warhost collect the soulstones of their fallen comrades and prepare to press the attack at the entrance of the tomb.

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