Ordo: Subsector Isca

Conflict rages. The galaxy burns. The Imperium is sliced in twain, bleeding out from its  very heart. The Ultima Segmentum Inquisitional High Command petitions its equivalent in the neighboring Tempestus Segmentum for reinforcement. High Lord Inquisitor Gyrass Linvala calls upon several of his most trusted Inquisitors to lend assistance to the beleaguered Imperial forces of Ultima Segmentum. Lord Inquisitor Arkhan is one of the Inquisitors on hand to answer the call to arms. Gathering his most trusted lieutenants about him Arkhan leaves retainers to maintain his holdings in Segmentum Tempestus while he dawns the armor of the soldier. Dawnspear’s astropath Krios sets course for the Isca subsector at the eastern fringe of the Ultramar sector. While the rest of the Ultramar sector battles the forces of the Ruinous Powers, Subsector Isca faces incursion not just from the Daemon tainted but the Xenos infiltrator as well. Fast approaching from the galactic east the forces of the Tyranids have begun consuming border planets and seeding Genestealer cults throughout the subsector. In the galactic north the fledgling T’au Empire have begun to encroach on Imperial space in ever bolder incursions. Forces of Nurgle spill over from the neighboring Konor system and to compound matters Necrons have also been spotted across several worlds in the region. After a grueling 8-month trip through warp-space the Dawnspear finally transitions to real space in orbit around Jeseth, the capital of Isca subsector. Reporting to the Inquisitional command of Isca, Arkhan and the Dawnspear’s crew are assigned to inspect Loren IV, a small star system on the edge of T’au space.


Upon reaching the outer reaches of the Loren IV system, Dawnspear picks up garbled distress signals from the third and fifth planets of the system, mining colony Cholchos and agri-world Astrides III respectfully. Reviewing his choices carefully, Arkhan decides to send a small patrol force of Scions to lend assistance to the Imperial defenders on Astrides III to assess the threat and prepare a suitable command center.




+++ 6493829_ave_deus_mechanicus_44L2FEV49 +++

My lord, upon scouting the area for a suitable landing place for our forces we encountered an armed patrol of Xenos foot soldiers. Their weapons and armor classification seemed to match those reported for the species known as the Tau. We engaged their soldiers with precise volleys of las-fire near an abandoned Imperial outpost. After a short skirmish our superior tactics and fire power were able to overwhelm these invaders and they were driven away from the outpost. 


Our reconnaissance units have discovered tampering with Imperial technology and reports indicate the xenos seem to be trying to gather intelligence. We suspect that they may have had assistance from traitors, a truly chilling prospect indeed. Whether the incursion on this planet was planned by the xenos or whether it was carried out on behalf of traitorous elements within the human inhabitants of the planet is currently unknown. We’ve deployed a number of additional scout units to search the nearest settlements to find answer. We will keep you updated as information comes in my lord. For the time being we have cleared a suitable landing zone to deploy Freeblade Daavos and additional  Scions.

– Commander Quinn, Tempestor Prime





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