Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Conclusion (Lore)

Vogen city completion

Map Key:

Chaos Forces are pinned in yellow

Imperial Forces are pinned in white

The various Xenos Forces are pinned in green

Spilling from their slaughtering grounds in Hab Block Beta, the Bloodbraided warband swarms through the Genatorium and into the Palace Grounds. In the following battle the Bloodbraided and Ul’Karash carve a path through the Imperial defenders. As the hours wear on the Bloodbraided are returned to the warp one cohort at a time, the Huntmaster himself is finally banished after a drawn out melee with three Grey Knight Dreadknights and a Grandmaster. After several weeks of internecine conflict, Imperial forces in the western half of hive city Vogen are able to push through enemy forces and retake the Palace of Peace. With the retaking of the city the Imperial forces are able to slowly close around the Xeno and Chaos holdings, eliminating the pockets of resistance securing their victory.

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