Seer Council of Eos: Ancient Enemies (Part 2)

323926_md-Eldar, Immortals, Necrons, Warlock, Wraith, Wraithguard

The forces of Craftworld Eos continue their assault on the Necron tomb at Morgon. Having intervened after the depletion of Imperial defenders the Aeldari warhost were able to strike at the Necron tomb world in its weakened state. Even with the assistance of the warrior phalanxes of the Klaxon dynasty, the Overlord Zaryx was not able to remove the Aeldari interlopers. Having dealt a decisive first blow at the site of the Imperial’s defeat, Farseer Eoghan and his warhost of Eosi Aeldari look to strike at the foul heart of their ancient enemy and end the threat once and for all.


Having followed the Necron forces to the site of their emergence, the Aeldari use the existing Imperial defenses as their own while they push forward. Overlord Zaryx, having readied his finest Immortal soldiers, strides out on the field of battle to make war on his ancient nemesis. Ranks of Immortals stride out from the entrance of the tomb, supported by Deathmark hunters from hyperspace and Triarch Praetorians. With his honor guard of warscythe-wielding Lychguard Overlord Zaryx leads his dread cohort.


Arrayed across the Asuryani line are the Guardian Defenders of Eos, scores of Dire Avengers and Spiritseer Irileth with his Spirit Host. Engaging the Necron Immortals at range the Aeldari use tactics passed down from the oldest texts in fighting their dreaded rivals, using range and maneuverability to outgun the implacable warriors of the Necrons. As the battle rages on Overlord Zaryx sets his cybernetic gaze on the warrior that bested him in the previous engagement. Striding across the battlefield like a death god of old the Overlord sweeps aside all resistance as he and his Lychguard surround the towering Wraithlord. One by one the Lychguard are felled by the colossal Ghostglaive of the Wraithlord until at last only the Wraithlord and Overlord remain. After trading matched blows, the Overlord finally overcomes the Wraithlord and makes good on his promise to get his revenge…. Only to be cut down by massed Shuriken fire from the surrounding Dire Avengers. Farseer Eoghan recovers the Wraithlord’s spirit-stone and with little resistance the Eosi Warhost enters the desolate Necron tomb and destroy it from within. Although the tomb world of Morgon has been cleansed and any trace of the Necrons destroyed, the Overlord Zaryx and the remaining forces of the Klaxon Dynasty fled back through their portal and returned to their home world. The Eosi slip back into their webway portals, content with knowing that one potential future is brought closer to fruition.

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