Ordo: The Cleansing of Hive Erru


INQ-REF 00000164-12298/XXXX





My Lord Arkhan,

The small xenos patrol we found at the edges of the hive city were but an inkling of the real xenos infestation that has gripped the heart of this world. Our Acolyte teams have found that these vile xenos, known locally as the “Saviors”, had been slowly infiltrating this world through a campaign not of aggression but of persuasion. It seems that just before our timely arrival the traitorous Planetary Governor had declared his allegiance to the aliens and invited the xenos to clear the planet of loyalists. My lord, our forces in orbit have been deployed, our men are armed and ready, with your blessing we shall excise this infection. 

– Commander Quinn, Tempestor Prime



Lord Arkhan,

After the successful orbital barrage Scion fire-teams Kraken and Triton supported by Freeblade Marik Daavos and his support cadre were able to pierce the outer shell of Hive Erru and engage the xenos within. As per your orders sir we focused all of our forces into removing the head from the snake. Using our Taurox Primes we were able to harry the foe into a strategic corner of the hive. 


The T’au Ethereal serves as the symbolic head of the cadre, in reality most of the ground work and tactical acumen is provided by the cadre Commander. If both of these figure heads were to be removed from the equation the T’au forces would be forced to retreat back out of Imperial-controlled space. The T’au hunter cadre consists of several battlesuits, Pathfinders, Breachers, Strikers and a Hammerhead tank equipped with a formidable rail gun. The Imperial offensive is lead by Tempestor Prime Quinn, Fire Teams Kraken and Triton, the Valkyrie Voidstalker and Freeblade Daavos with support crew. 


Flanking from the left and right sides of the enemy line the Scion advance to corral the xenos forces into one centralized kill zone for the Imperial Knight. The T’au hunter cadre moves into the center of the battlefield looking to secure what seems to be a weak spot in the Imperial offensive. As the unwitting xenos advance they are caught in a crossfire, to compound matters, a strike team of Scions awaiting in a Valkyrie some distance away swoop into the fight, deploying next to the Coldstar Commander. Their overcharged plasma guns tearing through the Commander’s nano-crystalline armor as if was made of simple plascrete. With the Commander removed from action, Freeblade Daavos’ Knight Crusader lurches forward into the T’au line. Crushing the puny aliens underfoot the Knight strides forward in search of the T’au spiritual leader. Pressed on both sides and unable to escape the T’au are left with no choice but to face the towering engine of steel and rage. The Ethereal and his Fire Warriors are enveloped by the fire of Avenger cannon rounds.


Dawnspear hangs over low orbit for the next few weeks as Lord Inquisitor Arkhan serves as the judge, jury and executioner for the traitorous Governor and his lackeys. A new Planetary Governor is selected and is uplifted into power and precautions are taken to ensure such a breach of Imperial doctrine never occurs again. As the Lord Inquisitor doles out punishment to the traitors, Tech Priest Izmirian and Kill Team Arithael are deployed to assist the planet Colchos. Incoming reports seem to indicate a resurgent Necron tomb.

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