Ordo: The March of Machines

While Lord Arkhan and the bulk of the Scion forces work to put down the insurrection of Hive Erru on Astrides III and bring those responsible to justice, Tech Priest Explorator Izmirian and his research-clade make haste to the mining colony of Cholchos. Reports from Isca Subsector Inquistional Command indicate a rich and largely untapped mineral abundance in the planet’s crust. Daytime temperatures on the surface of the planet regularly exceed 50 degrees Celsius making it a livable but hostile planet. It is for this reason that Cholchos’ largest settlements are located within the immense network of naturally occurring caves and man-made tunnels that stretch across the planet. The surface entrances to these cave networks and tunnels mark some of the few areas in which surface structures exist on the planet. The first evidence of xenos civilization discovered on Cholchos dates back to M38 when renowned Imperial explorer and xenologist Gevrim Klot discovered hidden megaliths, covered in a then unidentified hieroglyphic language, under the planet’s surface. Since that time Cholchos has become a local hot spot for amateur geologists and xenoarchaelogists. Preliminary findings done by Inquisitorial field agents have matched the hieroglyphs of Cholchos to those used by the Necron species.



INQ-REF 00000164-1799852/XXXX





Ave Deus Mechanicus,

Lord Inquisitor, I believe our fears have come to pass, upon cross referencing the hieroglyph pict information from Cholchos with those of our native Segmentum Tempestus data, the Necron lexical items have yielded a 89.73% match. It would seem that Cholchos is home to an infestation of the worst kind. Collecting data of reported Necron sightings and averaging the most common areas of occurrence my data-predator, Delta-Baelis, was able to triangulate a potential search area. It was found that an abandoned mine entrance in the northern part of Cholchos’ largest continent, Dunadel, produced the largest number of missing persons and alleged xenos sighting. It was here that I decided to land and investigate, accompanying me was Codicier Arithael and his Kill Team as well as my own Kataphron Breachers.

Aerial picts of the mining complex’s defensive perimeter have been attached to this document for your viewing Lord Inquisitor:


Tapping into the nascent machine spirits of the defensive fortification my leximancers and I were able to view footage from all of the remaining active cameras in the mine. What I saw disturbed me greatly my lord. The primary shaft of the mine seems to be occupied by a large obsidian pyramid-like structure. In my experience with Necron tomb worlds these structures are sighted in the greatest numbers before the awakening of the tomb. Sending my Vanguard teams into the mines I was able to collect valuable information but unfortunately our tampering with the pict-recorders seemed to have alerted the mechanical Necrons to our presence. Our position outside of the mine came under attack by a Necron defense-clade so I was forced to withdraw my forces. 


After a short firefight our position was overrun, although we took some casualties to the Kataphron and Vanguard Teams their blessed circuitry was recovered. Codicier Arithael and his Kill Team were able to hold the xenos off long enough for us to return to our transports. Looking towards the future my lord I believe we may need to establish a beachhead and clear the Necron tombs. We await word from you Lord Inquisitor…



Tech Priest Izmirian, Explorator

+All Praise the Omnissiah+


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