Ordo: Saboteurs

Situation Report:

Dawnhammer hangs in orbit over the planet Cholchos continuing its mission of surveillance over the reawakening Necron Tomb world. As part of a larger Imperial task force containing no less than a hundred other ships Lord Arkhan and his soldiers play only a small part in the ongoing war effort.

Deathwatch Kill Team Ozan has been deployed numerous times alongside strike forces of Scions and Skitarii Kill-clades in a continued effort to keep the reawakening xenos off balance. Utilizing hit and run tactics the Imperial forces are able to cripple high value targets as well as ranking officials of the Dynasty.

Over the last few months however the situation has become more dire, the fighting in the nearby Konor system has spilled over and the embattled forces of the Plague God Nurgle have found Cholchos’ natural resources to be an irresistible morsel. Facing a protracted engagement on two fronts the Inquisitor weighs his options carefully….

+++DATA LOG+++

INQ/REC 0000064-789342B

LOCATION: Cholchos



+++The duty of the righteous is to challenge the corrupt+++

The smog choked air of Cholchos hung over the heads of the Scions as they went about their business, a reminder of the heavy fighting raging across the planet’s surface. The inquisitor stares down at the picts laid out in front of him, reconnaissance reports gathered earlier in the month by reconnaissance aircraft.

“The bastard children of Nurgle have been successful in their attempts to silence our anti-ship guns” says the Inquisitor in a flat tone “if we are to have any hope in keeping the Necrons in their tombs and keep the servants of chaos at bay we must recover them”

“There is a weak spot in their defenses here my lord” says Tempestor Prime Quinn pointing at a spot on the map nearly 10 clicks south of the primary cannon array. “However, the promethium relays here and here feed into the canon’s main reactor, if we are to assault this spot those pipelines need to remain intact.”

From across the bunker serving as the Inquisitor’s ground based headquarters, Captain Tal chimes in “My lord, the Dawnspear has taken some heavy hits and the astropaths say that an increase in archenemy ships within the next two weeks is highly likely. If we are to seize the promethium infrastructure we must do so swiftly.”

The Inquisitor ponders this for a few moments. “Prepare the Scions and alert Codicier Ozan that his services are required. I intend to mount a strike before dawn.”

Flying low over the battlefield Lord Arkhan can trace out the fortified enemy locations. Using his vox command channel the Inquisitor orders his Taurox units to flank while simultaneously giving his pilot orders to drop him off on the skypad at the relay junction.

The Inquisitor and his Scions come under fire almost immediately by the plague weapons of the chaos tainted. Human and Neverborn alike are torn asunder by the concussive blasts from the Taurox’ battle cannons. With precision las fire the Scions tear down rank after rank of the shambling pox walkers.

As the battle rages around him Inquistor Arkhan scales the gantry way to the promethium relay control console and begins the process of shutting down the flow of fuel. As the steady shambling corpses and droning Plaguebearers march toward the Inquisitor’s soldiers they are met concerted volleys of plasma and hot lead.

Elsewhere on the battlefield artillery rain from Basilisks cut off reinforcements to the promethium relay and slowly the forces of chaos are divided and whittled apart. Strategic victory in hand the Inquisitor and his soldiers return to their bunker leaving the relay’s defense in the capable hands of the Mordian 312th. Mere hours after the silencing of the macro cannon Imperial forces are able to storm the gun emplacement and reassert control over its deadly armament. The Inquisitor and his crew continue to fight as but one small part of the massive Imperial war machine.

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