Misc: Warhammer Citadel Grand Opening

As some of you know the Warhammer Citadel opened up a few months back and I had the pleasure of driving down to check it out on the day of the opening. I ended up going a few hours late so thankfully I wasn’t stuck waiting in line! Anyways here are some pictures that I took during my visit:

They had some really cool props and mock up weapons and wargear:

A statue of Gabriel Angelos:

A really awesome chessboard with Aeldari and Imperium as the competing sides (I can’t be the only one who has ever contemplated doing something like this):

An incredible Sisters of Battle army on display:

The cafe portion of the Citadel also featured awesome art on the table tops, here are a couple of my favorites:

To commemorate my time at the Citadel I decided to pick up the limited edition Terminator Chaplain to paint up and use during games or as a display piece for my case:

All in all I definitely enjoyed my visit and I would highly recommend that anyone within driving distance pop by for a visit!

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