Warband: The Last Stand of Angels

Slaughter has come to St. Helena’s Respite. For 88 days and 88 nights the defenders of the Shrine World hold out against waves of cultists, malcontents, heretics and madmen. Bolstered by the presence of the Dark Angels chapter in their Fortress of Redemption the citizens of the Imperium fight on ferociously as their numbers dwindle. By noon of the 88th day of fighting the bloodshed and brutal carnage has reached such a fever pitch that the walls of real space weaken enough to allow the burgeoning warp spawn to break through the veil and spill across the surface of the planet.

Deep drums echo out across the battlefield heralding the beginning of the Wild Hunt. Viscera fills the cracks in the brutalized earth. Blaring horns, the stamping of Juggernaut hooves and the braying of Flesh Hounds give glimpses at the cacophony of battle soon to come. 

From atop the shattered ruins of an Imperial defense position the Huntmaster unfurls his dark wings and bellows the order to charge. From below him the legion of the Bloodbraided run headlong toward the arrayed Dark Angels at their final outpost. Girding to meet the battle-crazed daemons the Dark Angels fan out to create overlapping lines of fire. Bolt rounds bark out from Bolters and into the warp-flesh of the Bloodletters. For each lesser daemon sent howling back to the warp another seems to take its place. Eager to engage in the hunt, Ul’Karash flaps his mighty wings and glides toward the heart of the defender’s battleline. 

Bloodcrushers stampede towards the flank of Dark Angels’ position, brazen hooves pounding the ground into dust. From behind the embattled Dark Angels comes a new threat in the form of a unit of Bloodletters freshly emerge from the warp. Surrounded on three sides by warpborne monstrosities the Dark Angels fight on like lions. In the midst of battle precise scythes of bolter and plasma fire gun down Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds alike. 

Crashing through the ranks of the Dark Angels the Bloodthrister Ul’Karash belows a roar of challenge to any prey brave enough to face him. At that moment a Dark Angels drop pod carrying a full compliment of marines descends from the sky as if to answer the greater daemon’s challenge. The Angels are assailed on all sides by the servants of Khorne, yet still they fight on bravely. The Dark Angels Librarian flings spell after spell at the ravening hordes of Bloodletters until his meek body is trampled under the brass hooves of a Juggernaut. Tearing the head from his shoulders the Bloodhunter hefts the spellcaster’s skull and roars in glory of Khorne. 

Slowly the losses of the Dark Angels pile on until all hope is lost. One by one each one of the mighty marines is torn apart by the savage Hellblades of the Bloodbraided. With a swish of his lash the Huntmaster splits a marine biker in half as he tries to run from the battle. Flesh Hounds fight over the choicest bits of augmented flesh as the Bloodletters begin fighting among themselves to claim the heads of the space marines. With a final triumphant roar Ul’Karash casts his head back and bellows praises to Khorne. Deep in the warp the Blood God’s lips curl to reveal a fanged grin.

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