Warcry: The Arena

Across the myriad battlefields of the Mortal Realms the adherents of chaos contend with one another to gain the attention of the dark gods. The Varanspire at the Eightpoints is one such location but scattered across the Realms are gladiatorial arenas where would be aspirants can test their mettle against each other. One such arena lies within the Realm of Khorne and from all across the Realms warriors travel to the arena to prove their skills and curry gifts and favors from the God of Battle, Khorne. Located at Kathos Citadel, the Taurian Arena hosts combatants from far and wide within the dominions of chaos.

From atop his daemonic throne the Bloodthirster Ul’Karash watches the gladiatorial combat and dispenses the favor of Khorne to those warriors deemed worthy. Victors in the arena are gifted daemonic weapons, steeds and boons while those that are defeated are either raised to fight again, if they prove themselves worthy, or have their souls and skulls claimed by the Blood God if they’re found wanting.

Contenders within the Taurian arena may find themselves fighting not only other warbands but the forces of Ul’Karash himself, testing their skill at arms with his own. Gladiators may find themselves beset by groups of Bloodletters, stalked by Flesh Hounds, or charged by Skullcrushers. But the mortal and daemonic forces of Khorne aren’t the only combatants that gladiators can encounter in the arena. The forces of Ul’Karash also raid the Mortal Realms in search of mighty beasts, deadly wizards and skilled champions to take hostage and test their skills against. Very rarely some warriors will prove themselves beyond their peers and defeat all challenges thrown their way, in such exceptionally rare cases Ul’Karash himself will descend from his towering throne to meet the challengers head on. Those with the skill and tenacity to defeat the Huntmaster are rewarded handsomely for their matchless deeds, though in truth this almost never happens.

Although many warbands travel across the Realms to compete in the Taurian Arena, a few gladiator cohorts claim the arena as their home and defend their arena against upstart contenders as well as sending their greatest fighters afield to gain glory in the name of the Blood God at other arenas. Gladiator cohorts of the Taurian Arena are:

  • The Bronze Myrmidons: a sect of Iron Golems from the Realm of Chamon, the Bronze Myrmidons have dedicated themselves to bloodshed in the name of Khorne. The legions of slaves and servants held by the Bronze Myrmidons maintain the facilities’ of the arena and the weapons used by its gladiators.
  • The Pit Vipers: Hailing from the Realm of Ghyran, the Pit Vipers are an offshoot gladiator group of the Splintered Fang. Although the methods of the Pit Vipers are maligned by some of the more fanatical mortal followers of Khorne, the blood fountains created by the anticoagulatory venoms favored by the Vipers draws the daemons of Khorne into a frenzy. Truly the Blood God cares not from whence the blood flows.
  • The Headhunters: Untamed Beasts from the Realm of Ghur, the Headhunters fight alongside the myriad beasts of the arena. Using the animals captured throughout the Realms, the Headhunter’s bouts are some of the most interesting spectacles to behold in the Arena. While not participating in the bestiarii bouts, the Headhunters roam the Realm of Beasts seeking to capture wild beasts to pit themselves against in the arena.

All contenders are welcome to try their skill at arms in the Arena of Ul’Karash but only the strongest warriors can face the challenges of the arena and come out as Champion.

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