Warcry: Of Wretched Things

“Grind their bones to dust, melt their weapons and claim their skulls for Khorne!!” – Dominar Dhrok

Fanning out across the arena floor, the Bronze Myrmidons take their places and prepare to do battle. Their quarry, a Necromancer captured in raids against the undead forces of Nagash at the Death’s Whisper bastion in Shyish.

The howling spectator’s cries grow as the gates raise and release the captive Necromancer from his cage. Shooting glances nervously around the arena the Necromancer raises the skeletal remains of unlucky combatants and orders them forward onto the sandy arena floor. With a mighty below from atop his throne Ul’Karash summons the skittering Furies from the surrounding stands into the arena. Each Fury places a small deposit of Shyishan realmstone across the ruins scattered between the Myrmidons and the Necromancer. Seizing the initiative the Necromancer and his skeletal minions rush out to grab the stones, bent on harvesting the Death magic held within and using it to escape the hellish arena.

“Forward!” Bellows the Dominar as the Myrmidons are unleashed on their unsuspecting prey. Bare feet crushing the parched arena floor the Myrmidons advance forward into the ruins. Clustering his skeletons around himself for protection, the Necromancer’s warriors march forward to claim the nearest crystal. Sensing the approaching skeletons, the Breacher rushes headlong through the crumbling gate to meet them head on.

As the Breacher breaks down the center of the battlefield, the Dominar and his legionaries seek to flank the enemy to their left while the Drillmaster flanks to the right, picking up a shard of the realmstone on her way.

A Legionary, spying a skeletal warrior climbing the brick work primed to claim a second realmstone for his master, flings his bola at the skeleton hoping to dislodge the poor wretch. Although he misses by a hairsbreadth the skeleton lowers itself to face the oncoming Ogor.

While the forward forces of the Myrmidons rush to pincer their foe, the Prefector spots a purple gem atop one of the arena ruins and swiftly climbs the crumbling stones. Reaching the top, the Prefector plants his hefty standard and picks up the gem to inspect it closely.

Elsewhere on the battlefield the Drillmaster catches sight of the Necromancer weaving his foul sorceries. Seeing the disgusting magic as an affront to the god of bloodshed the Drillmaster heedlessly rushes forward to engage the Necromancer and his assembled bodyguards. Swinging her mighty chain, she deals glancing blows to the Necromancer and his minions. Jaws shatter, bones break and armor dents as the Drillmaster whips the chain back and forth. The crowd roars out in blood lust as the chain draws blood from the spellcaster. Intimidated by the chain-whirling rampager and clutching his bleeding arm, the Necromancer backs away with flicks of arcane bolts of purple Death magic to protect himself from her onslaught while simultaneously ordering his skeletal protectors to block her path. Four skeletal warriors bare down on the Drillmaster, stabbing and slashing with their barrow blades. The skeletons successfully push the berserk Drillmaster back by lacerating her legs and dropping her to the ground.

Having stopped the rampaging gladiator the Necromancer flits his eyes to his right flank watches as the Ogor Breacher barrels headlong into two of his skeleton warriors. Swinging his two colossal club arms the Ogor utterly shatters the brittle bones of two of the skeletons. Under his legs dart the Armator, grabbing the purple death crystal from the dislodged skeletal arm. The Dominar raises his hammer in victory and whips the crowd into a frenzy as his fighters bring all of the Shyishan crystals to his feet.

Ul’Karash pleased by the skill of his gladiators utters a guttural order to his drivers forcing the Necromancer back into the cage from which he emerged. Seeing the crestfallen sorcerous wretch wrenches a thundering chuckle from the Daemons thick throat. Gliding on leathery wings the Bloodthirster floats to the arena floor to declare the Bronze Myrmidons winners of the skirmish.

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