Ordo: Banishment


After several months of travel through the Immaterium, Dawnspear once again returns to the familiar space of Segmentum Tempestus. With the successful cleansing of the Isca subsector the crew of the Dawnspear can finally enjoy some well-earned rest. Spending several months at dry-docking at the space station Song of Veletis the Inquisitor and his crew repair, rearm and prepare to strike back out into the unknown, resuming the search for Archenemy fleets and daemonic incursions. High Lord Linvala’s information networks have gathered fringe rumors of a ship captained by the Daemon Prince known as Keroth Bloodtooth. A minor player in the Segmentum, the raiding fleets of the Daemon Prince have nonetheless prayed upon cargo freighters and border planets for several years. Solid intelligence finally placed the latest known location of the vile Daemon at the edge of Imperial space near the planet of Lyriax, a medium-sized agri-world. Gathering all available information on his quarry, Lord Arkhan prepares to banish the Neverborn.

+++DATA LOG+++

INQ/REC 0000064-7900032C

LOCATION: Lyriax Prime


SEGMENTUM: Tempestus

+++Death to the Neverborn+++

“My Lord, the reconnaissance picts have shown that the Daemon Prince has taken refuge in an agri-plant 30 nautical miles from the main hive city. It appears that he has conducted a foul ritual utilizing the former inhabitants of the plant to summon additional daemonic reinforcements. Our intelligence suggests that his flagship is currently at low anchor near the northern pole of the planet, likely attempting to collected additional resources to continue their raids. A lack of auspex scans from his forces suggests that his men are currently unaware of our position and are not anticipating Imperial Navy patrol ships to repond.”

Lord Arkhan rests his hands on the hololithic display table in front of him taking in the information presented and considering several courses of action in his mind.

“I don’t want to alert him to our presence, if he detects that we’re here hunting him, he may attempt to flee to his ship and escape into the warp. Deploy our Tauroxes to the hive city under the cover of night here and here, prepare the Scions for low-orbit combat drop to be deployed to the northwest of the industrial plant. I want to split our forces and draw the attention of his followers away leaving him undefended. Records of their previous raid lead me to believe that we’re dealing with the daemon legions of Khorne, easily distracted and easily baited. Lets exploit that to our advantage.”

Deployed from orbit covertly, the forces of Lord Arkhan approach the daemon’s chosen haunt from all directions. Striking quickly and loudly, the Tauroxes open fire on the gathered daemons. Whining rotors from the Taurox Gatling Cannons and booming shells from the Taurox Battle Cannon immediately whips the unsuspecting daemons into a rage. Charging straight towards the source of the sounds, the daemonic legion pays little heed to the events unfolding around them.

As the daemons rush forward into the chattering guns of the Tauroxes, a surgical strike of Scions accompanied by the Inquisitor spring the trap and encircle the unsuspecting Daemon Prince. Hot-shot las-fire tears into the hellhounds surrounding the daemon burning their corporeal forms and banishing them back in to the hellish realm from which they came. Precision plasma fusillades render the same fate upon the mounted Bloodcrushers. Keroth, enraged by the sudden shift of his fortunes, bellows out and charges the nearest unit of Scions.

With great swings of his blade Keroth manages to slay a handful of Scions. In his distraction; however, he fails to notice that the Inquisitor and the remaining kill team of Scions have surrounded him. The Scions previously locked in combat with the great daemon quickly pull out of the melee allowing the waiting plasma-armed troopers to open fire on the unsuspecting Daemon Prince. Plasma tears blackened holes from his wings and limbs severely damaging his physical form. With ethereal smoke pouring out from his wounds and the daemon weakened, Inquisitor Arkhan prepares for the final banishment.

With a prayer to the Emperor on his lips, Lord Arkhan swings his mighty hammer across the face of the injured Daemon Prince. With a loud crack the force weapon severs the daemons physical form from its spirit sending howling back into the Warp. With their tether no longer keeping them in the material universe, the host of Khornate daemons follow along with their patron. High above in orbit, the Dawnspear opens fire upon the Daemon Prince’s ship Hellbound. Lance strikes cripple the forward guns but are unable to stop the ship as it breaks orbit and flees. Unable to give chase with the Inquisitor still on the planet, the crew focuses on returning the deployed forces back aboard.

“Men, we’ve struck a blow against the forces of the Archenemy operating within this sector, although the Hellbound eluded our grasp we still managed to cripple its guns, greatly limiting the damage it can do to Imperial ships for the time being. Additionally, we’ve banished a Daemon Prince back into the Warp, the fiend shall no longer prey upon the souls of innocent citizens of the Imperium.”

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