Genecult: Guild Outpost

Imperial reinforcements flow into the Arvald Sector from surrounding sectors and subsectors. Unbeknownst to the Iron Claw guilders their uprising was not the only one taking place. Several other nearby planets with Genecult presences have received the call and begun to fight back against their Imperial tormentors. Worse still, the increase in Genecult activity has tipped off several Chaos cults operating in the area as well spiraling the conflict out of control. War is now engaged on every front as the Iron Claws attempt to prepare the planet for the coming of the Voidborn while simultaneously holding off would be attackers.

Alongside Battlefleet Arvald comes several chapters of Space Marines, most notable among them Task Force Bohemond of the Imperial Fists. Led by Captain Bohemond the Imperial Fists have arrived on Samarra to crush the uprisings and fortify the sector against the coming Tyranid invasion.

Across the Rakkam region Imperial Fists strike forces have begun to attack Iron Claw outposts and supply depots, hampering the Guilder’s ability to wage war. One such strike force targeted the Shahib Mine Secundus outpost, a small outpost near a major supply depot for the Iron Claws. Led by Captain Bohemond himself, the strike force would need to be dealt with…

The Guilders quickly respond to the approaching threat by deploying a Jackal Alphus and Sanctus to attempt to assassinate the Captain and throw the enemy chain of command into disarray. Loaded into Goliath mining trucks and armed with heavy rock saws and mining equipment the Iron Claw guilders prepare to ambush the Imperial Fists.

Autoguns, missiles and grenades shower the Imperial Fists as they approach the outpost. Accompanied by the massive metal form of a Redemptor Dreadnought the Fists return fire in coordinated bursts of rifle fire. Sweeping around to flank the Space Marines, the Jackals ride hard to catch the Fists from a different angle. Ridgerunner missiles impact the torso of the Dreadnought but fail to stop the lumbering behemoth.

Relentlessly firing upon the Astartes with their makeshift weaponry the Guilders are successful in whittling down the enemy. Ambushing from the shadows of ruined building, Guilder Acolytes armed with a rock saw assault a squad of Intercessors successfully cutting down two marines. Appearing from the rear, the Sanctus makes ready his poisoned blade. Swinging in from the flank of the Imperial Fists the Jackals rush the Redemptor and fling mining demolition charges at the Dreadnought hoping to severely cripple or destroy it. The explosions rock against the hull of the machine but fail to kill the monster. Enraged by such a brazen attack the Redemptor opens fire on bikers. With sparks cascading from its armor and the whirring of the Onslaught filling the air, the Redemptor blasts apart the Wolf Quad and the miner riding it. The quad is engulfed in a gout of flame as its mounted promethium tank catches fire.

The Iron Claw guilders focus their fire on the Dreadnought, autocannon fire pelts off of the frame of the machine but a single krak missile fired from the Ridgerunner is able to successfully fell the mighty machine. Silently the Sanctus crawls forward, ready to slide his blade into the segmented armor of the Astartes; however, before he can bounce the Captain turns insult on his lips “You think you can sneak up on me wretch?”. With a slice of his blade the Captain kills the Sanctus. Immediately after a glancing shot ricochets off the Captain’s helm. Had he not been wearing his helmet surely the Alphus would’ve killed him. Seeing Honored Ancient Forath downed and seeing of his Intercessors only Brother Sergeant Illin, Captain Bohemond sounds a tactical retreat. Too many cultists barred the path here, was there something of greater significance in this area? He’d have to analyze the information from the other battles raging in this area. With disciplined bolter fire and assistance from a unit of Infiltrators the Imperial Fists hastily exit the battlefield. The Iron Claw claims another victory in the war for Samarra, but this attack was too close to their mining centers. Elsewhere in the Rakkam basin the Iron Claw hadn’t been so lucky, the Hive City, now overrun with Imperial forces, was quickly becoming a mire. Rumors from the Nexoses also held that another enemy actor had become active in the desert wastes…

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