Hobby Goals: 2021

At the beginning of last January I wrote myself some simple hobby goals to keep my projects on track and to gauge my progress. I kept them fairly simple and straight forward to see if I would actually stick to them. Over the course of the year I found that whenever I had some free hobby time on my hand and no particular project I was aching to work on I’d look at my hobby goals and work towards one of them. I found the reminders to be much more helpful than I had anticipated and decided to do it again this year!

My 2020 hobby goals were:

  • Finish Painting Khorne Daemon Army – Failed
  • Finish Painting Necron Army – Success…until 9th edition came out that is, I still feel good about this one though!
  • Finish Painting Ordo Army – Success! There’s still some way to go on the details but I’m certainly satisfied with how they are currently
  • Buy a Folding Gaming Table – Success, I’m still waiting on delivery but in the meantime I’ve painted up a ton of terrain for it. I’m looking forward to posting some more BatReps playing on it!
  • Complete a Terrain Set – Fail, I’m very close though, I’ll likely roll this one to 2021

It was a fairly straight forward set of challenges but I think I could’ve set myself up for success a little better by making my goals more specific and include some challenges that I’ve never done before!

With all of that said, here are my 2021 Hobby Goals:

  • Iron Painter 2021 – Another 12-hour paint challenge! I’ll definitely incorporate some of the lessons I learned in 2020.
  • Complete 1 Terrain Set – I’d like to use this opportunity to do some Army Showcases as well
  • Make a small diorama by Q2/End of June – A new challenge for myself this year! I want to start creating some dioramas this year! I decided to a small one in preparation for…
  • Start a Lumineth Realm Lords large ship diorama for Armies on Parade – A few months ago I stumbled on this beauty. I was immediately inspired to a sleek sandalwood patrol ship as a display board for my Sun Legion. I’d like to at least get started on this diorama this year but since I’m starting from nothing I think it may take some time. In the meantime I’m just cracking away at the Sun Legion army itself.
  • Army Paint Completion Goals:
  • Lumineth Sun Legion: 50%
  • Khorne Daemons & Daemonkin: 50%
  • Legion of Nagash: 25%
  • PDF/Genecult/Traitor Guard: 100%

There you have it! I’m looking forward to making headway into my 2021 projects! I’m also hoping to document my progress throughout the year on the site to give myself a way to look back over the year and figure out if I was successful in my goals!

Thanks for reading!


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