Mercenaries: The Clans of Chaos (Lore)

Across the Mortal Realms Chaos has reigned dominant for an age. The reavers, barbarians, monsters and mutated hordes of Chaos have pillaged, raided and exploited the lands. In the absence of the God-King Sigmar and his mortal armies, the forces of Chaos have grown to occupy most areas of the Mortal Realms. Fell citadels infest the realm of Chamon, hide tents dot the landscapes of Ghur, blood-arenas arise in all the realms and untold monsters roam unshackled. Yet, the forces of Chaos are not united under one banner. They war amongst themselves looking gain the favor of the dark gods. Amongst some of these clans, warriors offer up their blades in exchange for coin, slaves or furthering their own dark goals. These are their stories. Barbaric tribes, hedge-knights, roaming summoners, hill giants and pit champions all united in the cause of personal gain and glory. Some may seek the blessings of the Pantheon, others may seek the resources to build impregnable fortifications and others still may engage in battle for the sheer pleasure it brings them, but for enough coin, they can all be brought to bear under a single banner.

Knights of the Raven: Hailing from the Darkfire Citadel in Ulgu, the Knights of the Raven are a band of mercenary knights led by Knight-Captain Tormund the Fell. The dark stone castle they claim as their dominion stands above a mist-wreathed mountain pass. Shrouded in an eternal gloom, the Knights of the Raven are dour of mood and dark of dress. Hooded in the darkest green, the knights keep constant patrol over the lands surrounding their fortress, peasantry and serfs kept in line through brutal suppression. Unlike many fanatical followers of Chaos, the Knights of the Raven maintain a distant and aloof relationship to the Pantheon preferring instead to rely on their own abilities and those things able to be bought with cold, hard silver.

Horde of the 40 Tribes: Nomadic horsemen from the plains of Ghur, the 40 Tribes are a horde of barbarian raiders lead only by the strongest chieftains. Riders from the 40 Tribes strike like a wicked bolt of lightning riding into the farming settles and cities of other mortals raiding and pillaging only to disappear as quickly as they came leaving ruin in their wake. When not raiding and warring, the horde wanders across the expanse of Bjarl within the realm of Beasts searching for pasture land and prey. Although seemingly mindless savages when viewed from the outside, the 40 Tribes are in reality a complex steppe confederation lead by 40 separate thanes. Every two years the tribes come together to form a kurulting, a tournament between the thanes to determine the strongest in their midst. The winner of the kurulting becomes the chieftain of the 40 Tribes for the next two years and leads the tribes in all decisions.

Volkragg: The gargant known as Volkragg offers his colossal club to any army willing to pay his steep price in loot, food and drink. Like others of his kind, Volkragg cares little for the intricacies of politics and war that the little-folk seem to love so much. Interested only in personal gain, Volkragg sells his service not only to the ravening hordes of Chaos but also to the leaders of Order, warlords of Destruction and the servants of Nagash.

The Wordless: Accompanied through out the Mortal Realms by his ravening Slaughterbrute Bloodmaw, the warrior known as “The Wordless” stalks from battlefield to battlefield seeking the greatest champions the realms have to offer. In truth, none know the origin of this wandering bladesmen as he never seems to speak or communicate to any save Bloodmaw. The epithet “Wordless” was given to him by a Khornate Chaos Lord shortly before he was butchered by the champions whirling blades, the title seems to have stuck as the legend of the silent wanderer has begun to gain traction among the myriad warbands of Chaos. “The Wordless” can be entreated with and will accept payments in gold or in supplies, he’s been known to work with the same commanders from time to time but is just as likely to be hired by a rival warlord seeking to put the champion and his Slaughterbrute to good use.

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