Legion: Invaders

Nagash’s inversion of Shyish’s polarity was felt immediately across the Realms. The Necroquake, as the Sigmarites call it, sent a roiling wave of Death magic flowing outward from Shyish, causing untold destruction and causing magical phenomena to occur seemingly everywhere at once. At the edges of the Realm of Life, where it sits nearest to the Realm of Death, within the dead city of Veil’s End, magical artifacts stored within the deepest treasure vaults break free from their magical binds. From arcane baubles and trinkets to orbs of pure death magic and weapons crafted by long dead masters, all become undefended, ripe for the picking. It was not only the relics that became active; however, as the long shut Realmgates dotted in and around the city also began to connect to the other Mortal Realms once again. Within a matter of weeks adventurers, raiders, treasure hunters and all assortment of creatures have begun to prowl the wilds outside of the city, looking for ways in. The undead Lord of Veil’s End, Lyran the Dark Sun, none too pleased with the growing encroachments upon his city, has sent his skeletal legions to patrol the city and stem the tide of would be thieves but even these measures are too little to stop the outsiders. Freeguild and Chaos mercenaries have already begun setting up small camps outside of the city, offering their services to any brave, or foolish, enough to seek entry into the city. The civilized races of the Mortal Realms are not the only newcomers either, followers of Gorkamorka have also been attracted by the magical power emanating from the city, undeterred by the undead defenders and freezing weather.

Savage orruks from the Bonecrusha tribe have travelled through the Ghurish Realmgate situated east of the city, following the visions of their prophet, Krugg. Roving in small packs, the orruks have ambushed and slain patrols of skeletal warriors defending the city, an affront that cannot go unanswered. King Lyran sends his chief necromancer Galerion and executioner Morgon to slay the interlopers.

Emerging from the Dark Sun’s Citadel, the skeletal force marches to the east of the city into the area known as the Labriyntheum. When the city was yet living this area had been packed with the hustle and bustle of life, merchants and citizens moving to and fro in the marketplaces and stalls. Now in death, the crumbling ruins and tightly packed alleyways make for a challenging maze to navigate. It is here that one of the Death-Shards of the World-That-Was has manifested. After the gods of Chaos consumed and destroyed the World-That-Was, shards of the planet were sent hurling through the aether. One such shard was discovered by the residents of Veil’s End long ago, when the city yet bore the name Trest. The Death-Shard, a powerful magic conduit, empowered the spells of the city’s magically attuned denizens and amplified their raw might. It was with this Death-Shard that the Dark Sun was able to simultaneously murder and raise the corpses of the citizens of Trest. Drawn by the stone’s power, the Bonecrusha Shaman has come to claim the stone as his own.

The unstable Death-Shard, imbued with raw chaos energy from its time drifting through the warp and empowered from the magic of the Necroquake, teleports at random intervals across the battlefield. With only the magical might of a spellcaster able to hold the stone steady in place, the two armies prepare to fight for dominion as the necromancer and shaman close in on the stone. Rusting iron and carved bone clash as the skeletal defenders of the city engage the savage plunderers. The screaming orruk tribesmen charge headlong into the waiting spears of the skeleton infantry, hungry for battle. Elsewhere on the battlefield skeletal knights outflank the orruk archers attempting to break their resolve and force a retreat.

The outnumbered orruk tribe is slowly whittled down by the press of skeletal warriors, for every undead spearmen killed, the necromancer raises another one in its stead. The battle of attrition slowly wears down the orruks. The mad prophet is able to seize the stone of power for a mere moment but has his concentration broken as Morgon the Executioner swings his mighty black-axe at the invader. With his concentration broken, the Wurrgog prophet loses his hold on the Death-Shard and Galerion seizes his chance, locking the stone with ethereal chains of binding to hold it in place. The battle winds down as the orruks break into a rout and escape into the snow-covered pine woods east of the city. Speaking an arcane word Galerion summons skulls wreathed in purple flame to burn down the makeshift tents of the orruks. “Vermin” whispers Galerion under his breath. Turning his attention to the chained Death-Shard the necromancer bids it follow as the skeletal patrol makes ready to return to the citadel.

Morgon walks up next to the necromancer, his hulking form draped with tatty furs from ancient kills. “These incursions will only get worse and worse.” grunts Morgon, in his deep tones. “Mmmm, agreed. These damned scavengers are only beginning. I have advised Lord Lyran to draw up our defenses at the Citadel. At least from there we can pick and choose our battles.”

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