Warhammer 40,000

(Stories from Newest to Oldest)

Ordo Malleus:

Ordo: Army Composition (List)(8th)

Ordo: Status of Forces Primer (Lore)

Ordo: Banishment

Ordo: Outpost

Ordo: Saboteurs

Ordo: The March of Machines

Ordo: The Cleansing of Hive Erru

Ordo: Subsector Isca

Ordo: The Huntress

Ordo: Retrieval

Ordo: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: The Second Defense of Kavir

Ordo: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: St. Coronus Incident

Ordo: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: Defense of Kavir

Ordo: Mynthosian Rift Campaign: Seraph III

Ordo: Mynthosian Rift Campaign (Introduction)

Ordo: Ashek II Training Exercise

Ordo: Battle for Mazirin

Ordo: Magos IV


Warband: Army Composition (List)(8th)

Warband: Disciples of the Blood God (Lore)

Warband: The Last Stand of Angels

Warband: God Wars

Warband: Hydraulic Fluid

Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Conclusion (Lore)

Warband: Vogen City Campaign: Hab Block Beta

Warband: The Blood-soaked Sands of Kelaran III

Warband: Vogen City Campaign (Introduction)

Warband: Battle at the Mire


Conclave: Army Composition (List)(8th)

Conclave: Awakening (Lore)

Conclave: The Harvest

Planetary Defense Force/Genecult/Traitor Guard:

Planetary Defense Force/Genecult/Traitor Guard: Army Composition (List)(8th)

Planetary Defense Force/Genecult/Traitor Guard: Insurrection (Lore)

Genecult: Guild Outpost

Genecult: Predation

Genecult: Scions of Titan

Genecult: Opening Offensive