Bonesplitterz: Autumn Glades Incursion

 The region known to the forces of Azyr as the Autumn Glades of Ghyran is a vast forested area of eternal autumn. The Autumn Glades are studded with pre-Age of Chaos human ruins, some of which still retain magical auras. Sigmarite forces in the Autumn Glades have coalesced among the strongest of such ruins, an area christened Gaunt, which has been chosen as a site for colonization and rebuilding by the Azyrites. Gaunt lies to the geographic south of Volkragg Peak, an area inhabited by the Greenskin Prophet Torg Stormfist. The following account recounts the Autumn Glades Incursion carried out by the Stormfist Clan.

Ghyran Volkragg Peak Map

Sensing the proximity of a magically significant cluster of ruins south of his lair on Volkragg Peak the Wurrgog Prophet Torg Stormfist leads his forces south to channel the latent magical energy to appease Gork. The first engagement with Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals ends with Torg’s forces capturing the ruins and sending the Sigmarite forces back to Azyr. After the victory Torg’s forces disperse into the surrounding areas to wreak havoc and carry on the fighting. Upon learning of the greenskin incursion Sigmar tasks his Stormcast Eternals with assassinating this new threat to Gaunt before it develops into a serious problem for the fledgling colony.



The greenskin prophet’s shouts echo through the surrounding forest as his followers delve deeper into their frenzied state. Fresh off of their victory against the Stormcast outpost the WAAAGH! energy flowing through the mob of greenskins causes the latent energies in the ruins to flare up anew. Stormcast forces begin arriving in waves to handle this upstart prophet and his fledgling tribe. Judicators and led by a Lord-Veritant to counter the prophets magical might, begin their approach on the prophets altar.


Sensing the arrival of new heads to smash the forces of the Stormfist Clan, led by their Chieftain Urgor the Smasha’ converge on the ruins from all directions. Channeling the energies of the ruins and the WAAAGH! energy of the surrounding greenskins, Torg launches volleys of green lightning at the intruding Stormcasts. Each successive wave of Stormcasts sent to claim the prophets head are rebuked by ever growing numbers of greenskins looking for a good scrap. After multiple repulsed waves the forces of Sigmar return to Azyr vowing to return for the prophet’s head…


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