Genecult: Scions of Titan

Rakkam Desert Region

Fresh from their victory against the servants of the corpse Emperor, the Broodkin patrol their portion of the Subhive rooting out resistance and fortifying anti-air weapon platforms. The corrupted planetary defense forces garrison their redoubts and send death squads through out the city while broodkin in Goliath trucks patrol the streets searching for fresh blood. 


The brood brothers needn’t wait long. The Imperial defenders of Subhive Rakkam are able to send distress signals to orbit through the Gerantus space port platform. They petition any and all Imperial forces in the vicinity to lend aid to the Imperial defense effort. Their pleas for help are answered by a nearby strike force of stoic Grey Knights. Daemon hunters par excellence the sons of Titan are quick to send aid, even though a genestealer infestation is not their professed area of expertise. The Grey Knight strike cruiser’s teleportarium sends the brotherhood directly into the unsuspecting broodkin. Led by a grandmaster and aided by a Dreadknight, the Grey Knights look to punch a hole through the cultist’s anti-air defenses to allow Imperial forces an advantageous avenue of attack. 


The Grey Knight’s sudden onslaught leads to massive casualties on the side of the Brood. The anointed Stormbolters of the brotherhood tear through cultist flesh as warp energies are used to rend mind from body. The holy warriors descend upon the cultists from on high using personal teleporter packs. But the Guilders will not be so easily denied. Using their numerical advantage the broodkin fling themselves willingly into the blades of their foes, weighing them down with sheer numbers, slowing them just enough to allow their superior firepower to come to bear upon the silver armored giants. Though thrice-blessed with the power of the Emperor, their armor is still rent by super heated plasma and lasers. Each loss inflicted upon the Grey Knights weighs on them more and more. Though the broodkin are slaughtered en masse their efforts are not in vain as the forces of the Grey Knights retreat to orbit to prevent losing more precious brothers to an enemy deemed worthless. The brotherhood of Daemonhunters slips away and the Iron Claws consolidate their holdings. Not even the holiest warriors of the corpse-god can stand in the way of the brood.

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