Warband: God Wars


In the ever shifting realms of the warp only one thing is certain. Only one thing is constant: War. Through all of time and space each of the great Warp Gods vies for ever greater power and control. This is an account of but one such engagement….

By the reckoning of mortals the planet Hyarn fell into the warp many hundreds of years prior to the present, but for the denizens of the warp Hyarn has existed as a focal point of conquest for both many thousands of years and a handful of minutes. Bathed deeply in the corrupting powers of the warp Hyarn has developed into a fell daemon-world whose surface is covered with glowing red crystals that refract sorcerous light every which way. In the time considered to be the present in real space, Hyarn is gripped by the hulking rotted fist of Nurgle. Harnessing the crystals to imbue his mundane infections with malignant warp taint, Nurgle sits atop a precarious perch coveted by his brothers. 


It is the mighty general of Khorne, Ghor’morok, that whispers to his lord about the potential of these red crystals. Calling them blood shards, the nefarious Bloodthirster convinces the great War God that these crystals are in fact his rightful property being desecrated by the low worshipers of Nurgle. Never one to be caught using underhanded or cowardly methods, Khorne instructs his lieutenants to wrest control of Hyarn from his brother by any means necessary. Thus are eighty eight great hosts of Khorne summoned to fight against the Plague God’s warriors.


Among the varied war hosts of Khorne marches the Bloodbraided, led by their tyrant hunt-master Ul’Karash. Striking in an unnamed hive city on the surface of Hyarn, the blood reavers of Khorne seek to punch a hole through Nurgle’s defenses with which they can overwhelm their foes. Bathed in the fell light from the crystals, the Bloodbraided advance through ruined cityscape towards the hunkered Nurglites. Through the salvos of venom-covered bolter fire the chosen of Khorne advance forward to engage the enemy. The clanging sounds of Hellblade meeting Plague-sword emanates across the battlefield, warped in places by the resonance of the crystals. Sneering warped faces refract from the fields of shattered glass, remnants of the trauma of Hyarn being dragged into the Immaterium. Khorne daemons have their drum-tight skin rot and slough to the ground and cleaving blades slice Nurglings in twain. Bloodcrusher stampede into Bloatdrones as those self same drones cover Bloodletters in toxic bile. 

As the two forces rage against one another, neither notices the Greater Daemon Ghor’morok descending into the back line of the Nurgle forces. The great flaming wings of the Bloodthirster break and shift in ways unimaginable, where once the towering daemon stood, now only a patch of multi-hued fire remained. From this flickering portal spill forth the erratic forces of Tzeentch. Flamers and Screamers burst forth in hordes lead by Changecasters and the ever-shifting form of the Changeling. By the time both the forces of Khorne and Nurgle realize the deception it is already too late. Having fooled Khorne into wasting resources dislodging the entrenched daemons of Nurgle, Tzeentch is able to unleash the full might of his change-hosts on both weakened forces. 


With his clever deception Tzeentch is able to overcome his brothers and lay his stake on Hyarn. But as with all things in the warp, nothing lasts forever…




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