Ordo Malleus: Status of Forces Primer (Lore)

“We are the blazing sun that burns away the darkness, let none stand in our way ” – Lord Inquisitor Arkhan M41.322

Assigned to the border regions of Imperial Space, Lord Inquisitor Arkhan and his crew seek to do battle wherever the threat of Chaos rears its ugly head. His ongoing mission is to take the fight to the enemy, to cast back the shadows and to protect the myriad peoples of the Imperium of Man. Each mission carried out in the name of the Emperor, the Lord Inquisitor and his ship Dawnspear form the cutting edge of His blade, exacting vengeance for those innocents wronged. Lord Arkhan is accompanied into battle by an assortment of soldiers, warriors-for-hire and post-humans all with the goal of protecting the domains of the Emperor and turning back the threats lingering in the darkness. Having a handful of hidden operatives in nearly every major star system of the Segmentum Tempestus, Inquisitor Arkhan maintains a sizable intelligence web to predict his enemies actions and counter chaos incursions where possible. Lord Inquisitor Arkhan is nominally a member of the Ordo Malleus; however, unlike the rest of his colleagues who focus on countering specific daemonic incursions and entities Lord Arkhan’s primary area of expertise is the war against Chaos fleets and infamous daemon-infused warships. Inquisitor Arkhan wields the Dawnspear like a javelin of old, striking deep into enemy territory, picking off ships from Chaos fleets and engaging enemies where they are weakest. With swift orbital strikes and precise ground force invasions Lord Arkhan’s forces are a thorn in the side of any would be Chaos Lord or Rogue Admiral.

Ship and Crew: Lord Arkhan’s ship Dawnspear is a specially equipped Imperial Navy ship-of-the-line converted into an Inquisitorial black ship built for strike missions and long range reconnaissance. Although the design of the Dawnspear is based on the Lunar-class cruiser, it’s equipped with modified mass drivers and missile batteries as well as drop pod docks and launch bays to deploy the various forces stationed aboard. Dawnspear’s current Captain is Lord Captain Valerian, responsible for ship-board affairs along with the welfare of the ship and crew. The Captain’s officers consist of senior Astropath Krios, the ship’s navigator; Tech Priest Enginseer Gryx-6-4 master of ordinance and engineering; and Commander Quinn, whose Scions serve as the shipboard defense force. While ground side, the Lord Captain’s Officers of the Fleet can call upon the Dawnspear’s impressive weapon’s array to deal catastrophic damage to ground based enemy forces from orbit. The ship’s crew compliment is  average for a ship of Dawnspear’s size with individuals gathered from all parts of the Imperium whether through bonds of service or as part of deals made with local forces. All members of the crew are sworn to secrecy and are dedicated to their master’s every command although for many of them, the ultimate goals of the Inquisitor remain a mystery. In addition to mortal crew, the Dawnspear boasts several squadrons of Aeronautica Imperialis fighter squadrons, bomber flights and reconnaissance aircraft.

Militarum Tempestus: Scions requisitioned by the Lord Inquisitor serve as both an elite shipboard defense force and as a ground presence during planetary offensives. Additionally the Scions form the largest military asset under Lord Arkhan’s direct command. The Scions are led by Tempestor Prime Quinn, a hardened veteran of hundreds of campaigns at the Inquisition’s service. His responsibilities include training new recruits, defending the ship and executing ground operations. The Tempestus detachment also features Infantry Mobility Vehicles, Taurox Primes, which are deployed from orbit by means of Valkyrie Sky Talons. The grav clamps found on the underside of the Tauroxes also enables them to execute boarding maneuvers and gives the Scions flexibility in how they’re deployed planet-side.

Assassins: Although most of the crew aboard the Dawnspear are unaware of it, two members of the Officio Assassinorum are in cryo-pods aboard the ship. A Vindicare and Callidus requisitioned from the Officio Assassinorum provide the Lord Inquisitor an unparalleled tool to deal with heretical planetary governors or daemonic generals.

Imperial Knight: Freeblade Marik Daavos is honor-bound to the Lord Inquisitor for saving his life moments before his Knight Crusader was torn apart by a Tyranid bio-monstrosity. Although no-longer bound by his Knightly House, Daavos considers himself a gentleman and adventurer without peer and takes his personal honor very seriously. Being bound to a Lord Inquisitor isn’t without its perks, Daavos is able to explore and see the Galaxy while fighting his hated enemy, the Necrons. Although Daavos maintains a small garrison of sacristans much of the Knight Titan’s needs are tended to by Tech Priest Gryx-6-4 and his retinue of servitors.

The Dawnspear is currently located in the Segmentum Tempestus tasked with assisting in the myriad battlefields created by the emergence of the Cicatrix Maledictum. Lord Arkhan’s inquitorial superior in Segmentum Tempestus is High Lord Gyrass Linvala, High Lord Linvala and inquisitional sector command are headquartered at the space fortress Song of Veletis. Deathwatch Kill Team Arithael, once stationed aboard the Dawnspear, have returned to their garrison near Antagonis to fight the growing Tyranid threat.


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