Legion: Unwelcome Guests

Every once and again a stranger stumbles their way through the dark forest paths of the Somberwold and discovers the ruined city of Trest. Whether through fate or misfortune, Jorg Shieldsmasha’, would be its latest guest. But know this, no guests are welcome in the realm of the Liche King…


The toll of bells unrung for an age break the eerie silence of Trest, their rotting ropes pulled at by skeletal watchmen. Jorg Shieldsmasha’ barrels towards the ruins of the city, his bestial intellect knowing only that food and plunder that might be found in the ruins of the ancient city. Summoning Kargan to his side the Dark Sun dispatches the death mage and a hand full of knights and men-at-arms to defend the gates of the city. 


Weaving dark spells, Kargan bends the sinister winds of Shyish to sap the strength from the rampaging giant. Dead hooves paw at the ground in anticipation as the knights and their mounts wait for their opening to charge. Smashing through the stonework Jorg charges headlong at the enemies that present themselves before him. Quickly the giant realizes the folly of charging headlong into the enemy as it notices the horde of skeletal soldiers flanking its left side. 


Swinging chunks of masonry into the ranks of the skeletal warriors the giant crushes swathes of the defenders. Striking with feet and hands, Jorg tears apart the ranks of the knights even as lances and spear tips stab into his sides. Through bloody eyes Jorg sees the dark mist seethe around smashed bones and begin to reknit the fallen soldiers. Noticing the chain-veiled figure of Kargan, Jorg musters his strength for one final push, one last ditch effort to free himself from the melee. 


Alas Shyish is not the realm of hope. Kargan conjures spectral hands from the ground to drag the giant to its knees. The cold grasping hands leech the last of his energy and Jorg’s final thoughts are of the pain of being stabbed to death repeatedly slowly fading away. Trespassers are not welcome in the realms of the Liche King, but their quickly cooling corpses make a welcome addition to the armies of the undead…


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