Aeronautica Imperialis: The Air Wing (Lore)

Ranging in size from the humble Arvus lighters to the massive orbital macro-cargo shuttles, the Dawnspear’s launch bays are home to a myriad of utility and attack craft designed to support ground operations and orbital engagements. Boasting 5 full squadrons of sub-orbital fighter and bomber aircraft the appearance of the Dawnspear in a theater of war spells doom for those enemies actively engaged on the ground and in the air. Deployed to battle and supported by some of the most skilled pilots in the Segmentum Tempestus, Lord Inquisitor Arkhan’s forces can easily turn the tides of battle with a few lightning strikes and raids.


Valkyries and Sky Talons ladened with deadly Militarum Tempestus Scions and their ground support vehicles are escorted to the ground by flights of deadly Thunderbolt and Lightning fighter aircraft. As the Scions strike at the enemy’s flanks and weak spots, squadrons of heavy Marauder bombers launch strategic bombing raids pummeling the enemy’s fortifications and centers of gravity. The overwhelming onslaught of highly skilled Scions supported by Valkyrie gunships coupled with vicious orbital strikes, daring dogfights and relentless strafing runs make all but the most demented or alien commanders second guess calling down the wrath of the Imperium. Though the lion’s share of the glory goes to the warcraft, no strategist would be capable of victory without a cadre of intelligence officers, logisticians, tech-priests and prognosticators to back them up. Luckily, Lord Arkhan has these in spades. Able to orbitally deploy ground command posts, supplies, ammunition, combat forces, turrets and the mighty chassis of Freeblade Daavos to a planet’s surface in the matter of mere hours. The highly disciplined and skilled crew of Dawnspear do credit to that venerable ship and her captain.



  • 36 Thunderbolt Fighters – Air-to-air superiority fighters able to clear a planet’s skies of hostile aircraft and escort ground forces as they land from orbit
    • 640th Fighter Squadron “Sunblades”
    • 453rd Fighter-Bomber Squadron “Unconquered”
    • 16th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron “Headhunters”
  • 12 Marauder Heavy Bombers – Bomber aircraft whose bomb bays store enough munitions to level enemy emplacements to dust
    • 892nd Bomber Squadron “Warchiefs”
  • 12 Lightning Recon Planes
    • 888th Scout-Interceptors “Occuli”
  • 24 Valkyrie, Sky Talon and Vulture Gunships – The primary Air-to-ground attack craft and transport of the Militarum Tempestus Scions
    • Voidstalker – Lord Arkhan’s own personal craft, Voidstalker carries the Inquisitor himself and his retinue to the heart of battle



  • 8 Orbital Macro-cargo Shuttles – Massive barges able to deploy command centers to a planets surface
  • 8 Arvus Shuttlecraft – Poorly armed diminutive craft meant to shuttle officers and distinguished visitors among starships and ground bases
  •  24 Fury Interceptor – An upgrade usually found on Dictator-class Cruisers, Lord Arkhan’s modifications to Dawnspear include an additional flight deck to accommodate void attack craft to defend the ship



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