Ordo Xenos: Vanguard Forces (Lore)


Interrogator Azor, you’ve been tasked with reconnaissance of the Mynthosian Subsector, to assist in this task you’ve been given command of Tech Priest Izmirian’s Skitarii forces as well as your own personal operatives. For the remainder of our time in sector you’ve been given autonomy designated Sub-Inquisitor, you will answer directly to myself, Captain Ven Gethrik or Tech Priest Izmirian. You’ll have access to any resources you may need. I want you to report back to me when you find any artifacts of interest. Don’t let me down. 


+++Transmission End+++

Interrogator Azor was originally found by Lord Arkhan when the two encountered one another in a conflict against the Necrons of the Raathum Dynasty. At the time Azor was working as a mercenary under the moniker “Waywatcher” for his propensity for stealth and intelligence gathering. Azor’s skills come into their own when Lord Arkhan requires his presence to be unseen and yet still gather information.

Azor maintains a small retinue of followers consisting of:

  • Beauregard Waltersson: A giant of a man Beauregard was once a priest of the Ecclesiarchy but was removed from his post for unknown reasons, most likely due to fraternization.
  • Sub-Alpha Hoplite Varii-17: Varii-17 is a Skitarii hoplite from Tech Priest Izmirian’s forces, carrying a large shield Varii-17 is an adept bodyguard with preternatural reflexes
  • Roland de Mille: Roland is a fledgling Telepath with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Markos Cambrian: An ex-guardsmen whose face was burned in a Valkyrie crash, Cambri favors the use of a Meltagun and perpetually wears a breathing apparatus
  • Owyn Yttar: Previously a Space Marine Scout, Owyn was rejected by his chapter days before his ascension into full Marinehood, Owyn was requisitioned by Lord Arkhan for his outstanding endurance and survival aptitude
  • Enginseer Murio: Murio is another of Tech Priest Izmirian’s vassals, he has been assigned to the unit to ensure its self-reliance in isolation from Lord Arkhan’s other units
  • The Mombasa: This specially equipped Arvus Lighter serves as Azor’s orbital transport and reconnaissance craft. The small shuttle has sacrificed weapon ports and transport capacity for increased stealth capabilities and silent running engines.

In addition to Interrogator Azor’s personal retinue Tech Priest Explorator Izmirian also has a Skitarii reconnaissance clade led by Alpha-Primus Telerik-6-4. The clade also features:

  • Vanguard Sub-Alpha: Jilago-Chronometros
  • Ranger Sub-Alpha: Njombe
  • Infiltrator Princeps Quark-73 Neuria


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