Hive Fleet Anka: Resurgence (Lore)



+++Accessing Database…+++

+++The following data file contains reports compiled by Inquisitor Vorstmaan+++

Following the battle for Ichar IV the Hive Fleet designated ‘Kraken’ was thought to have been defeated but recent reports indicate that, although the majority of it was indeed purged, some remnants still remain in local star systems.

A sliver of  one such remnant is hypothesized to have landed on the Imperial Border World of Ysabella, located in the far southern border of the Samarra system. Although the exact number of organisms to crash on the planet are currently unknown what is known is that the local populations seem to have suffered from extensive Genestealer Cult infestations and within 15 years of the invasive sliver crashing on the planet communication with the Ysabellans is lost. Recent reports show minor worlds and mining colonies near where Ysabella was located have become unreachable by standard communication techniques. This seems to indicate the emergence of a fledgling Hive Fleet and possibly a localized “Warp-Shadow” effect.


This newly emerging Hive Fleet has been dubbed ‘Anka’, an ancient Old Earth mythological symbol hypothesized to represent resurrection, and appears to be moving westward on the galactic plane. In addition to sightings of Tyranid organisms on the isolated border worlds of the Imperium, Ordo Xenos sleeper agents have reported increased gene-cult activity in neighboring subsectors. Although under normal circumstances such a re-emergence would be countered by local Planetary Defense Forces coupled with Astartes seconded from chapters such as the Ultramarines, the emergence of the Cicatrix Maledictum has spread the Imperial line thin. Time will tell whether this small splinter fleet will grow into a threat large enough to threaten larger Imperial bastions. 

I offer only this warning: Although this fleet has only threatened local back water planets far from the light of the Astronomican it shows the potential threat of a  thinly worn Imperial line. Threats like that of the monstrous Tyranids grows by the day and I fear our ability to retaliate shrinks with each passing year…

Emperor protect us

Inquisitor Graff Vorstmaan

+++Connection Terminated+++

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