Warband: The Blood-soaked Sands of Kelaran III

The Bloodbraided are called to war by the Renegade Planetary Defense Forces of the Imperial world Kelaran III. In a series of ever more violent engagements the Renegades slash their defiance across the throats of their hated Imperial oppressors. Brother fights against brother as traitors throw off their guises and make their allegiance to the Ruinous Powers known. Believing themselves to be righteously guided, the Renegades known as the Thrice-Blessed, beseech the help of the Ruinous Powers. Their devotion to Chaos is rewarded when the Thrice-Blessed’s vile rituals are answered by hordes of ravening daemons. The Bloodbraided are but a few among many cohorts of insidious daemons present at the killing fields of Kelaran III

From the desert caves in which the rituals took place the Bloodbraided spill across the deserts of Kelaran III. Bound to the Thrice-Blessed’s goals, the daemonic host falls upon the promethium reserves which make up the backbone of the Imperial Defense. 


Ul’Karash allows his Khornate Herald to lead the engagement on the promethium refinery while he stalks off to hunt more glorious foes. The daemonic war band lead by the Herald swarm over the sandstone cliffs and descend into the valley floor below. Upon entering the premises of the refinery daemons find no mortals cowering in fear. They find no bloody offerings, what they do find are hastily scrapped together defenses and ramshackle sandbag defenses. Looking for slaughter and having found nothing of note the daemons begin quarreling among themselves. 


It is as the daemons begin looking for fresh blood to spill that they notice the shimmering on the far side of the refinery. Out of the teleportation distortion spills legions of silver armored Astartes accompanied by a Land Raider Redeemer. The daemons of Khorne are caught flatfooted and many of their ranks are scythed down by precise bursts of Storm Bolter fire. The Grey Knight task force has been assigned with recovering the promethium refinery at all costs to support the Imperial cause. Many of the Bloodbraided are banished back into the warp by the blessed ammunition of the Grey Knights and still more are cut down by Nemesis weaponry. Only when the daemonic forces of Tzeentch appear do the tides of battle change. Facing Khornate daemons on one flank and the newly appeared daemons of Tzeentch on the other the forces of the Grey Knights are pushed to the edges of the refinery. The final straw comes when newly summoned daemons of Nurgle flood the refinery with their filth and begin overtaking the daemonhunters. As the Grey Knights return to their ship, To’rak, the Herald of Khorne climbs atop the refinery and begins piling the skulls of the fallen Grey Knights in honor of the mighty victory they won in the name of Khorne.


Weeks later communication with Kelaran III is lost…

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