Ordo: Outpost


The battle raging across the Isca Subsector has slowly been coming to a close. The T’au are momentarily held off, the returning Necrons suppressed and the servants of chaos repulsed. Although the tides now flow solidly in the Imperium’s direction some stragglers still remain. Lord Arkhan has ordered a general withdrawal to all acolyte cells in the subsector, the time to return to Segmentum Tempestus has come. Departing from Cholchos’ surface Arvus Lighters ferry Scions and their wargear back to the holds of the Dawnspear. Lord Arkhan tasks Kill Team Arithael to defend the Mechanicus forces of Tech Priest Izmirian as they perform their evacuation duties. As the forces of Nurgle search for a way off planet, the Arvus Lighters and shuttlecraft of the Inquisitor make a tempting target.

+++DATA LOG+++

INQ/REC 0000064-789342C

LOCATION: Cholchos



+++Stand firm. Stand true+++

Brother Ozan deftly adjusts the scope of his bolt rifle with a heavily gauntleted hand. Clicking the vox on his helmet Ozan signals Arithael “Codicier, we have several approaching targets, mix of marines and cultists”. Maneuvering out of his cover on the gantry way Ozan regroups with the rest of the Kill Team. Hefting his auxiliary grenade launcher Brother Kolrak of the Iron Hands grunts “Orders?”.

Stroking the chin plate on his helmet for a moment Arithael says “The Tech Priest says they need another two hours before the preparations are complete, take some cover and prepare to engage”

Launching salvoes from their bolt rifles the Deathwatch marines take their foes by surprise quickly cutting down a number of poxwalkers. From across the battlefield Tech Priest Izmirian orders his Kataphron Destroyers to intercept the chaos constructs accompanying the Nurgle marines. Bright orange bolts of plasma roar across the combat zone as the Kataphron’s treads dig across the muddy earth.

The battle draws to end quickly as the fleeing cultists and marines are gunned down by precise volleys of bolter fire and superheated plasma. As the last poxwalker crumples to the ground Codicier Arithael voxs the Inquisitor “The foe has been routed and the Tech Priest has finished loading up the last shuttle”. Over the crackling vox Lord Arkhan orders their return to Dawnspear. With all his assets back aboard Dawnspear Lord Arkhan orders Captain Tal to break orbit and to set course to The Song of Veletis in Segmentum Tempestus.

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